That Perfect Moment – Double Kill Battlefield One.

That Perfect Moment – Double Kill Battlefield One.

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  • If I did that I would’ve got something retarded like 95 damage and they’d both be alive still

  • Noice

  • So this is what my teammates were doing the whole match huh

  • There is no way lmao

  • Very nice double kill!

  • I wonder if something like this ever occurred in an historical actual battle

  • This makes me want to buy BF1 again

  • Two scrubs, one bullet…

  • pretty cool, but pretty standard as well. CoD4 kids were getting quads back in 2009.

  • That wasn’t staged at all.

  • doesnt this title apply to basically every collateral ever?


  • What the great green fuck?

  • But why aren’t you using the lebel?

  • Why does the scope look like its from WW1 but also rusted for 100 years then excavated before being used? Its like the looked at a 100 year old artifact and modeled the rust as well on it.

  • You can’t get more lucky than that

  • Just had that in Titanfall 2.


  • Why is the scope side mounted and shot without rotating?

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