That bounce

That bounce

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  • Imagine the hours of practice and sore necks behind this lol

  • I don’t like that I can’t see the guy finish his clap in the back, it’s unsettling

  • I wish I could handle balls like him.

  • That clap

  • Can’t even triple bounce…

  • All it takes is one bad landing on your head and suddenly you’re Christopher Reeve.

  • When you don’t check what sub it’s on and you expect him to fail hard but are super impressed instead. Nice.

  • Someone please make this an infinite loop.

  • That clap looks so routine… What amazing shit is constantly happening at that place that the kid isn’t freaking the fuck out?

  • That’s some Mowgli shit right there.

  • /r/absolutelynotmeirl

  • Now do it on an infinite loop!

  • That clap

  • I’m more impressed that he got the ball in the correct position for the next flip, mid flip.

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  • How do you even start doing this? I would never want to try in fear of dying.

  • Man he’s on a roll!

  • The guy in the back is like what the…? This needs applause

  • I can’t drop the Clap subject here.

  • I can imagine him doing that continuously and going on forever.

  • Smooth as balls

  • ⠀⠰⡿⠿⠛⠛⠻⠿⣷

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠉⠉⠉ Impossible

  • Can someone make an infinite loop of this please? I need it.

  • r/nononoyesnononoyes

  • Mclovin’s reaction😂

  • I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick!

  • Back flipping for the pussy!!

  • That head, on the second bounce, was inches away from the floor! Great to see, not do – I can hardly balance myself on one of those bouncing balls.

  • I can’t stop watching this.

  • Sarcastic clap

  • The truly amazing part is when he grabbed the ball mid bounce to reposition it for the second bounce.

  • I am just not living up to my potential.

  • Love the casual clap from the guy behind, like he’d see it a million times before.

  • Basic

  • The real MVP!

  • I can’t do this, I don’t want to, but I’m so glad someone can. Makes me happy someone did this. It’s awesome.

  • I could watch this all day

  • One Clap

  • r/oddlysatisfying

  • 10/10 gold medal performance

  • Michael Cera never ceases to amaze me.

  • Ho-lly fuck that was awesome

  • Pretty good with them balls!

  • Mischief makers for n64?

  • Y

  • I would’ve died twice attempting this.

  • This needs to be reversed

  • I just broke my neck 9 different times by watching this

  • This would make a great shooting star meme

  • Wtaf

  • six six six

  • How do u learn to do somthing like this

  • there has to be someone who can do this for a minute straight

  • Vooo

  • Tumbling day in Gym class was like Saturnalia.

    For one day a semester the Chads looked uncoordinated and the Turboautistics looked like prodigies.

  • I’ve never seen something look so coordinated and uncoordinated at the same time!

  • Self pleasure

  • I would break my damn neck.

  • Will this finally get him laid?

  • The more I watched this, the less it looked like an accident

  • I wanna see the fail that was the discovering of this.

  • Could he do this forever?

  • It even makes it more better when you realize they’re wearing skirts

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  • Wasn’t there a gif of a guy doing three bounces?

  • Well he won something at olympics I think.

  • Sometimes I trip over nothing.

  • And here I get neck pain from situps..

  • apart from the double bounce, his landing was flawless

  • Making a petition to make this the new standard buffering animation

  • Is that a supreme tee?

  • Love the little arm flail at the start

  • r/holdmyfries

  • Why do I hear shit in my head when I watch this?

  • People who have a crazy friend that loves Jackass rejoice. Also, be sure to have an exercise ball on hand after you show it to him (Or her. You’ll probably make it to the front page with a her.).

  • That guy in the background clapping needs to be in r/combinedgifs

  • testing my sofa cushions for bounce….yep. not trying this

  • r/maybemaybemaybe

  • Which bounce, first or second?

  • That’s like someone I know at work – every time they are about to fall on their face – they somehow bounce back as winners

  • The guy behind him like r/youseeingthisshit

  • I wanna see someone do this a bunch of times in a row.

    And not a helicopter gif.

    Well, I would still like to see one of those, but also someone actually doing it.

  • If i did hat i would end up needing a backiotomy

  • ching ching

  • This man has just discovered how we will casually move around in the future.

  • Well, it was incredible

  • r/2healthbars

  • Das lit bruh lit

  • I’m more interested in the attempts leading up to this

  • Takes big balls to do that…

  • That’s ballin’😂

  • Meh, still better then dealing with the TSA.

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