Thanks UPS – just go ahead and leave my package wherevs I guess

Thanks UPS – just go ahead and leave my package wherevs I guess

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  • I think they guy is just getting bored/losing it lately. The other day he left a package randomly at me back door instead of the front porch. Which means he opened my gate and let himself into my back yard. And it wasn’t even anything valuable-looking.

    Maybe he thinks I’ve wronged him in some way?

  • I recently had a package show up as delivered by ups but it wasn’t on my porch. I checked the back deck but still nothing.
    I then contacted Amazon to have a replacement shipped out and it arrived with no problem.
    Two weeks later I found the orginal package stuffed behind the AC unit on the side of my house. Why the delivery person thought I would check there for a package is beyond me.

  • I’m a ups driver and I can tell you by the sticker on it that reads ULD-c5 it was handled by ups but the final delivery was made by the post man. USPS. Try tracking the package and see who made the final delivery. If it was delivered by ups the label would read 3 digits and that would be the truck it goes in followed by 4 more digits that is the location in the truck it belongs. Example. 315-5655. That would be packaged truck 315 fifth shelf and in order. It’s a common misunderstanding. Still not cool. Who ever has done it.

  • He actually tossed it up on your roof. It just fell on the planter.

  • Delivered by Ace Ventura .

  • > Fuck your flowers


  • I call shenanigans.

  • Was is addressed to Petunia?

  • What was in it?

  • How does it even work? I mean, in Poland, so I presume EU as well, courier won’t leave your package without your signature.

  • Flowers are a trigger for him when his wife left him on Valentines day ’08

  • As a ups driver, if you order stuff all the time, he’s definitely messing with you

  • Is that a surepost package? Those can be delivered by ups or the post office. That could have been your mailman

  • Your plants have my sympathy and upvotes

  • Is this a normal thing in the US?

    In Germany where I currently study, and Luxembourg where I lived the 21 years before, you have to sign that you recieved the package. If you’re not home and the package is too big for the mailbox, they take it to the mail station for you to pick it up after a day.

  • Perfect camouflage. I wish every UPS worker was as diligent as that one!

  • USPS would have cut off the flowers.

  • lovely

  • What package?

  • I’ll just set it here on these *precious memories*

  • That will teach you to order Ten 40 pound bags of cat litter! Pepperidge farm remembers!

  • Art

  • UPS drivers get so much shit they stop caring and breakdown.

  • I actually made a little bench to put beside my door for parcels to be placed on. Most of the time they end up on the concrete right beside the bench.

  • i suspect these guy all hate their jobs and try to get fired

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • You deserve this

  • Camouflaged

  • Hey UPS can you pay me aswell? I’ll make ads like this I promise!

  • Wait, I don’t see a package.

  • A spectaculannanna!

  • Just making sure you’d absolutely see it.

  • To be fair, it’s a package filled with miracle grow… so not as bad as it seems.

  • Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Those aren’t roses


  • United breaks guitars

  • UPS is the worst. I’m constantly receiving damaged packages, packages they’ve left out in the rain unprotected. No where near as much trouble with other services.

  • He was fairly certain those flowers were evil.

  • Last day on the job, everyone came home to a package surprise.

  • More like OOPS, amarite?!

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