• So nurses can focus on what matters, aka searching another job. Automation doesn’t give workers more time to do other activities, it allows fewer workers do the same amount of work.

  • hang on a second… isn’t looking after patients what nurses are for?

  • I mean this sounds great and all but sounds like we will get ignored more

  • Thanks to ~~Artificial Intelligence~~ Machine Learning…

  • Where I live most of the people in the hospital are old and lonely, or confused and bugged out about technology, or confused and think they are gods… This might be appropriate for 1/5 of my patients. The one’s that get things pretty quickly and not the one’s that take up 10% of my time. In perinatal this would be great.

  • the first steps toward idiocracy

  • That pesky human contact will never again get in the way of your recovery.

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