tfw you’re so woke that you forget how to have fun

tfw you’re so woke that you forget how to have fun

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  • As a Brit I feel that July 4th is like an ex’s birthday. Happy for them, thinking of them but still wondering what could’ve been..

  • So I’m supposed to skip a holiday where I get to eat free grilled hot dogs and burgers, hang out with friends, drink beer and not work? Miss me with that. Days off are days off.

  • It’s their country too

  • Nigga I’m trying to eat. No so much celebrating as it is chilling with the homies. And not working.

  • Black history fact: considered one of the first casualties of the American revolution was a dockworker named Crispus Attucks. Nobody is 100% sure of his ethnicity, but he was thought to be half black and half native american, but without a doubt considered a person of color. He may have been a freeman or a runaway slave, but as far as I’m concerned he died free.

    PSA: being woke is cool and all, but it’s better to be knowlegeable.

  • Because they’re Americans and this is America. Happy 4th of July y’all! 🙂

  • Because black folks are Americans

  • The chance of the cops interrupting the function on July fourth goes down 66%

  • Hundreds of thousands of Black folks have died along side of the white man in warfare. Out in the battlefield color fades and you become brothers in arms. Stay woke but stay humble. Americans of every color have given their lives for us to live in this land free from dictatorship with zero path to prosperity. We live in a time where a Black man was the most powerful man in the world with the worlds richest nation and grandest military in his control. Do not forget history but divide the history. The future of this country is already here. Most of us grew up in a world where we sat in class as children with people from all races, religions and economic status. Our military is assimilated. Our businesses are assimilated. Our marriages are assimilated. Our communities are assimilated. It’s a mixed up world. Someday I hope we just look at each other as Americans instead of Black or Brown or White. If we are already the mightiest nation the world has ever know just imagine what we will be when our internal issues find resolve.

  • This is kind of similar to how Orthodox Israelis don’t celebrate Israel’s independence day ’cause it’s seen as more of a secular holiday, but that’s for a completely different reason. It’s kind of taboo for a religious Israeli to celebrate it, they act like it doesn’t even exist.

    Meh, their loss. Don’t be like them lol


  • That’s what Juneteenth is for

  • Why do white people celebrate cinco de mayo?

  • Why are black people not liking 4th of July? I haven’t noticed this before

  • Same reason why we celebrate every holiday. To not work and to eat drink and have a good time. Like I prefer that we don’t celebrate in the name of Columbus Day, but I’m sure as hell not about to take away a fuckery day. Life too stressful for that.

  • “Yeah I’m cool with your awakening consciousness and need to shout it from the rooftops. It’s cool but I got to know who’s bringing beer and how many burgers and ribs I’m gonna need to buy. Priorities remain priorities.”

  • I often think about how pissed the black people that fought in the revolution must have been when Britain abolished slavery within their lifetimes and they never got to see that in the country they fought for. But seriously just enjoy the holiday.

  • Serious question, why would you not celebrate a holiday devoted to the consumption of grilled meats?

  • I highly recommend the fantastic speech [What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?](
    Frederick Douglass is such a goddamn legend.

  • Honestly I just like getting the day off, turning up, and shooting off fireworks (dangerously). And the cookout of course

  • Jesus Christ people actually act like this

  • Some people don’t realize that having a good time and just hanging out can solve a lot of problems. Especially ones that don’t really concern you.

  • Cause the country were in got independence then, even if we didnt. Now that we free it applies to us

  • I mean yeah I’ma roll through I’m just sayin…

  • I don’t get this. Why shouldn’t we celebrate America’s birthday? Slavery was def the worst and most hypocritical thing to ever happen in the States and we all still feel its ramifications today. I understand that Britain abolished a while before the US, but I definitely appreciate the *idea* of the US more(that is to say, liberalism), and am certainly thankful for the all people who suffered through slavery AND fought for freedom AND fought for equality after that and to this day. I feel like we try to isolate black culture/history from overall American culture when we all know that American culture *is* black culture and vice versa.

    To me, not celebrating our Country is being ungrateful to the people who lived unbearable lives and fought for us getting to where we are today. We’re not celebrating the shitty-ness of America, we’re Celebrating how far we’ve come.
    Inb4 self hate, uncle tom, not actually black etc.

  • Got some family and friends saying “How can you celibrate the fourth when we’re still ‘slaves'”

    Bruh. You think i’m gonna miss fireworks, and food?!

  • There better be mac n’ cheese or you’ll woke him more.

  • It’s goin down

  • There’s always Juneteenth. The holiday that marks the emancipation that nobody remembers.

  • Can somebody seriously explain to me why black people who dont like america or its past just leave this country and go to a black majority country?

    Not trying to be rude or anything but can anybody seriously answer why not ?

  • to woke. When you think about it, would slavery of been abolished much sooner if the brits had won 🤔

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