• “the uncritical puffery that is passing for political journalism only makes it harder to hold the man to account.”
    That was perhaps the only good line in the article.

  • Funny how the negative US press starts ramping up about Canada, the closer we get to NAFTA negotiations.

    WAPO is the Bezos/CIA mouthpiece (source: https://www.thenation.com/article/amazon-washington-post-and-600-million-cia-contract/)

    This makes WAPO the premier voice of the US Establishment. So, when their editorial board fires a shot across Trudeau bow, you know what the negotiations are going to be like.

    Contrast this with the fawning coverage that JT got at The Rolling Stone. No wonder, given that this magazine was Michael Hastings’s stomping ground (to put it mildly, not the voice of the establishment).

    Between WAPO toning down the attacks on Trump and getting in line with the US interests… we’re gonna have a bad time at NAFTA negotiations 🙁

  • The very fact that Canadian politics is getting so much play in the US recently tells me something has changed. I don’t remember another time when what was happening in Canada was taking up so much news time in the US

    Edit: OK, maybe Rob Ford.

  • Biggest evidence that Trudeau is a status quo, establishment politician?

    His complete betrayal and about-face on electoral reform. That one broken promise alone signals he doesn’t really want to share power or shake things up in Ottawa at all.

    Trudeau Liberals will do everything in their power to make you forget about this broken promise next election. Don’t let them succeed.

  • 53% upvoted, hoo boy this sub does not like stuff that is critical of their saviour

  • >”But 40,000 refugees is hardly an expansive target for one of the least populous countries relative to land mass.”

    So tired of hearing this absurd statistic! Yes, it’s not technically a lie, but it ignores the reality of our geography and demographics.

    Let’s open anything North of BC/Alberta/ Ontario up to unlimited immigration. That’s still over half of our landmass, right? But no, for many immigrants it seems line if they can’t make it Vancouver they just complain to the feds about how they can’t make it at all.

    I’ve gone off topic. Even though our country is huge on a map, our habitable land is much smaller, and our population density is quite high in some places.

  • Article loses credibility with even mentioning taxes. As if taxes do not exist on top of what Americans have to pay for their health care.

  • Paywall.

  • why do we keep posting washingtonpost here? If you want a hit piece on Trudeau can we least make it Canadian.

  • The most stinging truth about Trudeau is that he hasn’t done much at all.

    He came into power an avatar of youthful Canadian optimism and has squandered one of the most extraordinary honeymoon periods any politician has had in recent memory.

    The best that can be said of his accomplishments is that he has tripled his promised deficits, promised deferred tax increases on the wealthy and almost legalized marijuana —

    although it will be up to the provinces to sort out that mess.

    Yes, he’s the poster boy for Brand Canada, and a good one. Perhaps someone who is charming and affable is precisely what Canada needs as key alliances and treaties such as NATO and NAFTA come under threat.

    But his real talent lies not in government but in showmanship. At least on that front, that Trump and Trudeau have something in common.

  • > Jen Gerson is an Alberta-based correspondent for the National Post.

    Gee, I wonder if the article has a bit of bias to it..

  • If nothing else, Trudeau is a condescending smug virtue signalling liberal prick.

  • Yep, two years in power he hasn’t given the country to oil barons. He hasn’t reduced the protections for our wildlife and nature. He hasn’t reduced the role of Canadian Scientists to mouthpieces of the Governments agenda. He hasn’t put large amounts of troops on the ground overseas.

    Believe it or not, not making bad decisions is an accomplishment.

  • Does trudeau actually make any decisions? it seems like all he does it travel and do photoshoots and walk in gay pride parades.

  • The only redeeming quality of Justin is his ability to hoodwink the Canadian left. He pacifies them with the occasional platitude (i.e. diversity is our strength!) and by donning colourful socks, but the reality is that progressives & co. have largely been marginalized by the Liberals. Justin in an establishment neoliberal, make no mistake. As Keith Davey once said “Campaign to the left, govern to the right.”

  • >We take no small pride in our universal health care, maternity leave and strict gun control.

    Nobody who understands our gun laws is proud of them – they are bizarre, draconian, and largely ineffectual.

  • This was pretty obvious when he ditched electoral reform.

  • his love letter to fidel castro is all you should need to make a decision.

  • He’s exactly the hero they think he is. He’s the first PM to choose his cabinet by genitalia in a century. He sucks up to people who don’t even regard themselves as Canadian. This is what his side wants. It doesn’t matter what else he does. He’s their Trump.

  • Of course he isn’t. He’s just a normal guy who came from a normal working Canadian family. He’s one of us and I trust him to look out for us.

  • Im sure fidel Castro’s love child will be in power for a long time yet.

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