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Boruto & Sumire. Too soon? Yay or Nah?

1. Dude was the only 1 who believed in her. 2. Like how hinata was in the background, she too is in background. 3. Sarada is like a sister ..I don’t think they’d do another team 7 marriage. 4. The first attack on konoha would end up being a defense to konoha.. Nue will be awesome!! View Reddit by DS9isthebest – View Source

breakup drama yay

I’m sorry that this might be a bit melodramatic, but it’s hitting me most now. So I just had to lead a breakup with my girlfriend of 6 months, because of a realization that she’s not really what I look for in a person. I won’t go into excruciating detail, but it was mostly that we were fighting over small things almost every week. And…

Yay, numbers! A guide to grinding all those Santa Medals.

With the high number of Santa medals required for some of the outfits/items, I did several runs and logged the data trying to figure out which path would be the most efficient for grinding them. Here are the results:       Runs without ruby output. Low to medium level requirements. ***    **Cold Planet** |Path|Fuel|Medals|Medals per fuel|Requirements|Note| |:—|:—|:—–|:————–|:——— |:—| |1 |7 |15 |2.14 |- |-…