• With a legal name like Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow you kinda have to do stuff like that.

  • This guy is gonna have lumps all over his body, once he runs out of room to add more RFID chips in his arms.

    It’ll be quite the spectacle when he hops up and whacks his butt against one reader, then has to lick another,because that’s the last places he could have them implanted.

    “Was my store rewards card in my armpit or next to my left testicle?”

  • I mean you just have to rip the code from the cards rfid and get one of those little glass rfid things implanted (the ones they use for pets and some people use them for medical info ect)

  • So inconvenient to spend 6 secinds to pull out my wallet twice a day. Who has that sort of free time?

  • was looking up what chip opal cards use, and found a funny follow up



  • This kind of biohacking is such a joke. There are legitimately cool ideas in biohacking, but this is dumb as hell.

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