Suzannah Reid makes a veiled insult to Piers Morgan as he slowly realises she’s talking about him…

Suzannah Reid makes a veiled insult to Piers Morgan as he slowly realises she’s talking about him…

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  • Thats not cringe. thats awesome

  • Remember when Piers Morgan was going to rid the U.S. of all of our guns and debated Alex Jones?

  • Fuck Piers Morgan.

  • Am I crazy for believing this is just a joke between coworkers? I mean if you’ve seen the show before they both tease each other.

  • Piers Morgan is the human equivalent of forced, unexpected, involuntary, un-lubricated sodomy.

  • That was fucking awesome actually. Great delivery lady. She should start a podcast.


  • that is hilarious

  • how is this cringe at all? its very obvious banter

  • Haha, FUCK PIERS

  • This belongs on r/satisfying

  • Not really cringy, but I really enjoyed it.

  • this should be in justiceserved

  • That was hilarious. Fuck that dickhead.

  • I used to have such a big crush on her.

  • Is this really cringe though? Their whole dynamic is constantly bantering and annoying each other, she mostly calls out Piers for his bullshit

  • This. Is. Amazing.

  • But to be fair, I’ve ever seen one.

  • what happened i dont get it ?

  • I do not see any cringe in this video. Fuck Piers Morgan.

  • he was obviously in on the joke.

  • Not sure what is more cringy. The bandicam watermark or the roast.

  • That was awesome.

  • I have no idea who Piers Morgan is, so who is he and what did he do/does he do?

  • I don’t even think that’s cringe thats just great

  • How is that cringe….the two females making fun of the one male host is trope for these kinds of shows

  • I don’t think people realise that this is what Piers does. Look at the shots they use. This is very diliberate, and he is probably behind it himself. Piers is like Milo, he is a contraries who’s sole aim is to provoke reactions, positive, negative, whatever.

    He is the king of nihilistic media bullshit.

  • When you try to watch a video and a playlist and the channel’s logo pop up and take 60% of the whole screen.

  • Lol the way she scoffed when he mentions people talking politics on fb. she’s like are you fuckin serious mate

  • Pretty funny actually. Dont think its an insult as much as having a bit of fun with each other.

  • its not cringe, its fucking Piers Morgan being put in his place

  • Are you guys insane? this is hilarious on-going banter between work mates

  • r/funny

  • He didn’t say anything wrong though.

  • Haha, so much random Piers Morgan hate today! I love it!

  • Brutal

  • Clarkson must’ve been dying.

  • I watch this in the mornings regularly and Suzannah shoots him down quite a lot, it’s brilliant. Brightens my mornings

  • Dark in here with all that shade…

  • Piers Morgan is an asshat

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