Susanna Reid dies a little inside every time Piers Morgan opens his mouth…

Susanna Reid dies a little inside every time Piers Morgan opens his mouth…

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  • And here’s her [response]( to his inane bullshit.

  • Remember that Stephen Fry line?
    “”Patricide” – killing one’s father, “matricide” – killing one’s mother,”, “regicide” – killing one’s king, and then of course, there’s “countryside” killing Piers Morgan”

  • Just a friendly reminder that [good old Jeremy Clarkson punched him a while back](

  • That is the face of someone who is barely controlling the impulse to throw away her entire career for the satisfaction of smacking someone who really needs to be smacked.

  • what the hell america, we gave him to you. No returns!!!!

  • the radiohead killed me

  • Top Youtube comment:

    >I would describe Piers as a cunt, but he lacks both the depth and warmth´╗┐

    Edit: just woke up from a nap and now my ankles are broken..

    This is not another old joke im telling you guys.

  • Around 1:00

    Piers:”Am I wrong? Let me know.”


  • We all die a little every time this fuckwit opens his mouth.

  • Why do people continue to put this useless sack of shit on the air.

  • r/watchpeopledieinside

  • I’d drink Suzannah Reids’ bath water. She’s amazing.

  • REAL question… how do people like Piers Morgan and Skip Bayless get jobs on TV?

  • We all do.

  • This reminds me of the cutaways in Modern Family

  • Even his “voice of the people” trope where he rants about something he assumes everyone else will agree with is fucking annoying.


  • god shes fit

  • such a milf

  • Someone needs to start the Susanna Reid benefit fund for the cost of psychiatric treatment after having to deal with that cockwomble on a daily basis.

    She’s a fucking hero is what she is!!

  • Piers Morgan is an absolute dickhead. Working with him must be a nightmare.

  • Piers Morgan is Satan

  • Susanna Reid is fit.

  • For a moment I thought this was a post on /r/gunners

  • She’s beautiful =)

  • Piers Morgan has the face you just want to punch in the teeth for some reason. Then he starts talking and you just really want to punch it again. I’m not even a violent dude. Just something awful about that guy.I mean look at this [PM’s face on their twitter banner](

  • This is some real life curb your enthusiasm shit

  • My favorite part of this video is listening to the snippets of Piers’ inane babble and trying to make sense of it.

  • Jesus she must have the patience of a saint

  • He is human garbage.

  • Why is everyone talking about Piers Morgan all of a sudden? He’s been annoying as hell for years, did something new happen?

  • I can’t wait to see the clip of her punching him.

  • Can’t she just call him out? Would make for a better show, too.

  • Think you could find a 1:20 video of ANY co-hosting duo throughout history like this.

  • Karma Police at the end, nice

  • We all do, Susanna… We all do.

  • And nobody can blame her.

  • I don’t blame her

  • Certainly so, but at least what he creates professionally (lol) is genuinely entertaining if you’re a car enthusiast that enjoys humorous bickering and hijinks.

  • **JOE**

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