Stick one of these in your pocket, then go to get baptized.

Stick one of these in your pocket, then go to get baptized.

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  • You would have the public pool to yourself

  • Someone posted these on /r/INEEEEDIT a while ago.

    Here’s the source:

    It’s called the “**Black As Your Soul Bathbomb**” and it’s $5


    >”This gothic bathbomb will not stain your skin or tub and smells amazing!! rose garden fragrance, This bathbomb is mild and suitable for sensitive skin as we use fragrant oils.. “

  • “Thank god we baptized him, that dude has some fucked up shit in him”

  • You call *that* an ink defense?

  • Whisper gently to the priest: *”Tell me father, what is the color of sin?*

    “Um, I don’t know my son, I imagine it would be black.”

    *”Let’s find out…”*

  • Then the pastor would have to check your oil

  • all those bubbles are from his hand being disintegrated

  • Your body hits the water, eyes go wide with shock, you chew the blood capsules in your mouth and let it start running down your chin and out the corners of your mouth. Roll your eyes back in your head and laugh maniacally like a demon as everyone runs.

  • Amazing. Someone please do this, and arise with your eyes rolled back speaking in tongues. Maybe a blood pill in the mouth for some extra effect?

  • It’s a bath bomb by Bella Muerte (some clothing brand). Would be perfectly suitable for a baptism pool or swimming pool.

  • My parents would force me to go to midnight mass with my sister every year. I hated it so much. Not only was I having to go to church, but it was at midnight, before Christmas. So yeah, last place I wanted to be.

    Around age 15 or so, I got in an argument and said I wasn’t going to go. I still was forced to, but I was determined to be a dick about it. We were walking through the doors and they were splashing holy water or whatever it was as we walked by. When I walked through and got splashed, I instantly covered my face and screamed “IT BURNS!!!” and fell to the ground.

    My older sister was mortified and took me outside before yelling at me. I was too busy trying to hold back my laughter from all the shocked and worried faces of the other people there.

    She told my parents, they were angry, I was still too pleased with myself to be scared. Got privileges taken away, but it was so completely worth it. I also didn’t have to go back to mass the next year, so I call it a win.

  • Is Lush not big in the USA?

  • or just goto flint, Mi to get baptized.

  • Catholics and Lutherans don’t get it

  • I’m not a religious man but that would be a dick move.

  • My Christian family does annoy me all the time with their holier than thou crap.
    I think one day I’m gona tell them I saw Jesus and want to be born again. Make it a big deal and demand another baptism. Everyone shows up and Bam! Literally the black sheep of the family.

  • Bonus points if you can do the possessed voice from The Exorcist

  • Peruvian instant darkness powder?

  • My highly Christian mother has been insisting I get baptised for the last few years, I think I might just finally fulfill her wish. Thanks for the idea OP.

  • With pocket do you mean my baby ass? Cause I was butt naked and just born when I got baptized.

  • I really, really want to stick one of these in my pockets and get baptised.

  • I’m gonna need you to put them way up inside your butthole Morty.

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