stewie 1v3

stewie 1v3

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  • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t want Stewie to be the first man in.

  • EZ 1v3 clutch for Cloud9’s ingame leader, rifler, entry fragger and secondary AWPer Stewie2k aka Jake ‘sup bitch’ Yip aka YouthfulStewart2000

  • It’s really nice to see this guy grow into the player he is today. Remember how much hate he got before? Just nice to see him shine.

  • SuperstituM gonna have enough content for Smoke Criminal part 3 at this rate

  • Stewie3k

  • *licks lips*

  • sup bitch

  • s u p b i t c h

  • They really committed to the nading. I’m guessing they called him as low health, and thought spamming nades was the best idea. Any of them could have been ready to fire and would have had the kill.

  • S U M M E R B O I S



  • stewie laying down the fucking law

  • Just so sick, Stewie having a great game, BIG looking overpowered and overwhelmed right now

  • Nice !

  • Stewie is one more choke loss away from strangling a teammate. The guy is playing out of his fucking mind. Even in the Mirage loss to Faze he was making huge plays his team just came up short. I honestly love watching Stewie with the awp, he might be one of the best awpers in the game to be honest.

  • I’m Asian and I can’t do this

  • Stewie cheats Dan M said so

  • Closed the stream afterwards. Dont want to watch anymore. Now i understand how NA fans usually feel

  • Well… Get fucked I guess.

  • **[YOUTUBE MIRROR: stewie 1v3](**


    Credit to []( for the content and /u/qctum for sharing it.

  • holy macaroni

  • madness

  • He’s quick…

  • Wanted to scream when this happened. Then rembered itx 4am


  • C9 best team

  • Sup bitch?

  • the smoooooooooth criminal

  • S U P B I T C H
    U P B I T C H
    P B I T C H
    B I T C H
    I T C H
    T C H
    C H

  • stewie so good

  • so cheeky, love seeing him do well

  • If only there was a smoke he could jump thru to make it better

  • heheeee

  • how to lose a 4v2 by BIG lmao….

  • Disgusting

  • Congrats, you won the race!

  • that was fucking sick


  • i nut


  • What a play! I literally screamed at that


  • BIG played that awfully, holy shit

  • Anyone got the replay?

  • Stewie3k

  • PGL UI is so bad. The player bars are tiny. The bomb timer bar at the top kills any suspense. No HP/Armor bars just numbers.

    EDIT: and that Unnecessary PGL logo on the right side center. They already have the PGL name at the bottom.

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