Steam removed the original Skyrim from the search function, and have added this ‘feature’ onto the Special Edition page

Steam removed the original Skyrim from the search function, and have added this ‘feature’ onto the Special Edition page

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  • You can still open the store, and buy the original Skyrim if you click on the store page from someone else’s account even if you can’t search for it

  • Race to the bottom, who’ll make it first? Bethesda? EA? Activision? Valve?

  • Holy shit they did. The main thing is that a hell of a lot of mods do not work on Special Edition. That is bullshit.

  • Not Steam’s decision, Bethesda’s.

  • Direct Link to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • It only works if you buy it.

  • “And so it begins”

  • The original hasn’t been searchable for a long time now

  • No, Steam did not do this. Bethesda did. Don’t scapegoat Steam for the actions of a bad publisher.

  • Skewer fucking hagravens.

  • original skyrim has been off the search function for quite a while now..

  • “Steam” probably didn’t do anything. Besthesda and other publishers are able to configure their store setup. #justsayin

  • This is bullshit.

  • You can still find the Original Skyrim through direct link and it’s been like that for months. Is it so shocking to have an option to buy CC credits there? By now we all know it’s 100% optional to use it and you can get similar or even better mods for free.

    Edit: instead of downvoting how about commenting why you disagree with me. Good old r/gaming, I’m stating facts.

  • Steam didn’t do anything; Steam is a platform, a product of Valve. Valve didn’t do anything either, Valve doesn’t do shit to begin with. The **correct** title would be “Bethesda removed the original…”

    Also, Special edition is better aside from the fact that some mod authors are not updating their mods.

  • Skyrim Special Edition is the obvious choice for anyone getting into the series, just because it runs on 64bit architecture and is more fit to run on modern hardware *but* creation club is total bullshit and it absolutely hurts the SE that they now will be forever associated with one another.

    For fuck sake’s why must they act so goddamn stupid as a company. One step forward, two steps back.

  • Horse armor, just 1500 CC credits, preorder now!

  • Time to uninstall Special Edition.

  • That is just really really shitty. I get SE is supposed to be the definitive version but I prefer the original due to hating alot of the texture changes made in SE like how snow and argonian skin textures just look…wrong. And I swear the first time I launched SE it crashed on me >_>

    I’d get it if the original was some crappy early access thing and SE was the new fully made version, but its not. Its not like the difference between Fallout 3 and Fallout 3 game of the year where one is the original game and one has every piece of DLC (and is objectivley better in every way) where buying the original doesnt add anything, it takes away, SE changes quite a bit visually and has the CC durge in it which can be avoided by buying the original…until it suddenly stops appearing like now.

    Its not to push a better version of the game, its to encourage you to spend your money on the creation club since they cant earn as much money on oldrim anymore.

  • Next thing they will remove the game itself. That would cause an outcry.

  • r/assholedesign

  • This is why I’ll just rent Wolfenstein 2 from Redbox instead of buying it.

    Fuck Bethe$da.

  • “we are going to make it harder to legally purchase the original than pirate it” ok then

  • I really don’t understand why this is huge news.

  • [removed]

  • I noticed that a while back when I decided to buy the final DLC for my computer, it sucks

  • This is old news.

  • I actually have no problem with paid mods. They are an option you can completely ignore if you so choose. The issue is with currency conversion. It’s a bullshit tactic. Buying credits to spend, when real world currency works perfectly fine is bullshit. And it’s purely because they can put a bigger number next to the real world money to make it sound like it’s gonna go a long way.

  • nice try bethesda, trying to force players to buy special edition even
    though the original is cheaper

  • Do you want people to torrent your game?
    That’s how you get people to torrent your game.

  • Bethesda, EA, and Activision must hold meetings at some evil lair somewhere.

  • What’s the difference between the 2?

  • What means the cc credits?

  • Time to change the store pages again so you can say it was a great sale come November.

  • I’ve only followed the game a few days after release (the special edition), so what’s going on with the credits

  • Sorry but what’s wrong with the creation club credits part of this? We all knew this was coming. The fact that they added this to the store page is not significant in any way.

  • Is anyone surprised by bethesdas anti consumer shittiness anymore? Just don’t buy their games, you don’t have to go along with every corporate bullshit decision

  • The original hasn’t been searchable since SE came out, it’s not like they just now removed it or anything.

  • Skyrim+ENB=/=Skyrim SE

  • what the fuck is cc credit thing. did i missed something?

  • Wtf is creators club

  • I hate this

  • if anyone still wants to buy the original skyrim, here’s the link on steam [](

  • Are creation club credits a way of paying the devs to allow you to mod the game? I am not familiar with this.

  • Out of the loop, what is creation club credits?

  • Zenimax is a disgusting company.

  • wtf

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