Statue of Anton Yelchin erected in his honor in Los Angeles; his ‘Star Trek’ co-stars among many others paid tribute

Statue of Anton Yelchin erected in his honor in Los Angeles; his ‘Star Trek’ co-stars among many others paid tribute

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  • Has there ever been a bronze statue that actually looks like the person they’re trying to pay tribute to?

  • There should be one in front of Dodge headquarters since they killed him with a design flaw that should be recalled.

  • This is one of the most tragic deaths I have ever heard of. It still disturbs me from time to time. Young man at the prime of his life becoming highly successful about to reach the height of his career. Well liked. Seemed like a nice guy just from what I know. Hard to imagine the shock he must have felt while being pinned, struggling for his life, alone, afraid, knowing he has no chance to come out of it alive and having way too much time to think about it.

  • Kinda tasteless to put the statue infront of the DMV

  • He had some real solid lead roles under his belt. Everyone should check out Green Room, Fright Night, and Odd Thomas.

    He is a real fun and charming actor and he had so much potential.

  • I was a big fan of Anton Yelchin ever since I saw him show up in the Steven Spielberg mini-series Taken. I’ve followed his career more or less since then, with great turns in the likes of Hearts in Atlantis, Fierce People, Alpha Dog, Charlie Bartlett, Fright Night, Star Trek (and it’s sequels), easily the best thing in Terminator Salvation, Odd Thomas, Burying the Ex, Green Room, and assorted others I’m blanking on. He had a solid career already when he passed away and all that building potential was lost.

    I love that his family created this memorial for him. It looks great and is a wonderful tribute to an actor I always admired and enjoyed. For those wondering why, check out some of the movies listed above and I think maybe you will see a little bit of why people were so fond of him as a performer.

  • That’s… really weird.

    He was a good actor and I loved him in Green Room.. but does he deserve a statue? It’s not like he saved children from fires or some shit. Hollywood is so fucking creepy man.

  • Far better to have statues of a man like Anton than *any* politician.

  • Why?

  • God, it really looks nothing like him. We need to find a better way to commemorate people, it’s 2017.

  • He was going to be so great.

  • I can’t help but get teary eyed. He was so young.

  • Very sad loss. I hope to visit it one day to pay my respects.

  • I always forget this happened and then I feel sad all over again.

  • Somewhere on that statue it needs to say “nuclear wessels”

  • Certainly doesn’t look anything like him.

  • What a strange way to die.

  • “Loop me in, Odd One…”

  • Didn’t realize he was in Only Lovers Left Alive until I watched it again and recognized his voice.

  • I will forever know it as The Anton Yelchin Erection

  • Awww. That’s nice. Kid was only 27.. Was a fucking good actor as well. Loved him in Star Trek.

  • Sad – Nice of all those celebs to show up and pay respects. He was a talented young actor taken from us far too soon.

  • How come no one contacts the guy who makes the nfl hall of fame busts he’s the goat

  • its the THOUGHT of erecting a statue

  • His death was a crushing blow to the movie industry.

  • I hope the actor was a decent human being, but this is Hollywood *tackiness* at its finest.

    Downvote away; but ask yourselves if a young actor in a couple of profitable films, killed in a car accident, is worthy of the sort of acclaim given to Nelson, Caesar, Churchill and so on?

  • Wish I get a statue when I fuck up a parking brake.

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but he’s hardly worthy of a statue,

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