Star Trek:Discovery To Be Replaced by Nicholas Meyer’s New Series?

Star Trek:Discovery To Be Replaced by Nicholas Meyer’s New Series?

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  • All I know is Star Trek Discovery better be a slam dunk from the first episode because after Enterprise I think people just gave up, if the first episode is bad or if there is no real hype that show it doomed.

    For instance, I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan but somehow I’m looking forward to the new Tick show more than Discovery. In fact, I keep forgetting that Discovery is coming out at all.

  • I hope Meyer doesn’t ridleyscott himself coming back to Star Trek.

  • Why should anyone be excited for a Nick Meyer Trek series? It was Harve Bennett who came up with the story for ***Wrath of Khan*** (after binging all 79 episodes, which was impressive in the pre-streaming era) and he then came up with the stories for ***Search for Spock*** and ***Voyage Home*** (which was the biggest *Trek* hit up to that point). And unfortunately Bennett died two years ago.

  • In short, STAR TREK:CLUSTERFUCK. I think the majority of the issues with Trek currently are A-people working on it who do not understand the material and B-the legal issues between Viacom/Paramount. The ONLY way we’re going to see anything of quality from the TREK brand is if one of the license holders buys out the other,and then gets someone who loves Trek to work on a show/movie and lets them do their own thing. AND NO MORE PREQUELS/REBOOTS!!! Set something 500 years after VOYAGER and explore a whole new,different TREK-Universe inspired by whats come before.

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