• John Hammond spared no expense with Jurassic Park and look how that turned out for him.

  • And yet they tied it to an unproven streaming platform for all US viewers.

  • Means nothing unless the writing is on point.

  • >Star Trek’ has had good demographics but never great ratings.

    Yea uh.. TNG was one of the highest rated TV series of its time. At its peak it was hitting 10m-15m viewers an episode, these are Game of Thrones numbers and was Star Trek’s mainstream peak on TV. Voyager and DS9 aired at the same time (that is quite the feat in itself) and were capturing 5m-7m an episode each, which is a pretty damn good cult market. Altman is overstating his case regarding CBS All Access, however, in the context of today’s TV market he may have a point. We shall see..

    Edit: Jeez Louise, to the pedantry prone redditors replying to my comment saying it’s not in the same context as 2017 with GOT, yes, obviously. This is besides the point, I implore you to read my entire comment and/or try harder to derive its meaning within context.

  • TIL there are Star Trek Historians…..damn if I only knew this 40+ yrs ago…

  • Discovery getting eaten by a T. Rex confirmed.

  • “Spared No Expense” you mean Netflix paid for most of it and CBS are taking the credit for looking so high budget

  • First thought: This is an Ad.

  • > “‘Star Trek’ has had good demographics but never great ratings. And I think by CBS having [the show] on [the network’s] own platform, it will ensure the longevity of the show,” Altman said. “So whether ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is amazing and fantastic, or just mediocre, it will be ensured a long life because it’s on the platform.

    Perhaps but I think by putting the show on CBS AA with limited content library and just [1.5 million subscribers]( http://variety.com/2017/digital/news/showtime-cbs-all-access-streaming-1-5-million-subscribers-1201986844/), while excluding it from US Netflix which has over [50 million subscribers]( https://qz.com/1007227/netflix-nflx-now-has-more-us-subscribers-than-cable-tv/) sounds like a sure way for CBS to undercut their own show in North America.

    > “There’s a danger of doing fan service when you go backwards, because everyone’s going to have expectations of what they think should be or what they saw in their mind. And if any show is about going forward it’s ‘Star Trek,” Altman said. “I think that for too long Star Trek has imitated itself. I’d really love to see what the future of Star Trek looks like because we’ve kind of got stuck in this temporal loop where we’re just exploring the same eras over and over again.”

    Tell me about it. I hope CBS executives will find a way to get out of TOS time loop.

  • what a spammy website

  • > had good demographics but never great ratings

    Pretty sure that is nonsense. Unless you are judging the show by ‘recent’ efforts, which you can blame on a lack thereof

  • Can we expect 4K then?

  • I worry that with this no expense spared approach, they’ll have unrealistic expectations and use that as justification to can the show before it’s had a chance to find its legs. I get that space operas can be expensive to produce, but no holds barred doesn’t guarantee good results, just puts undue pressure on folks.

  • > Star Trek Fans say CBS ‘Spared No Expense’ with their Astroturfing Campaign

  • I didn’t even know Star Trek Historian was a thing you could be.

  • You can pay your writers a lot of money, and they’ll still write shit and tell you its gold.

  • You can spend all kinds of money moding a 1995 geo metro, but it will always be a geo metro no matter what you did to it.

  • So if there’s a hiatus, are the Klingons going to eat the viewers?

  • Xenophobia? Where did that come from?

  • well, other than hiring shitty hacks like Kurtzman and Goldsman instead of decent writers

  • The hell they didn’t… they didn’t spend any on the normal looking Klingons….

  • I still ask the question, what the hell were they thinking with those Klingons?

  • I just ask for a decent writing staff. Visually it looks great, but I hope it will still feel like Star Trek. Either way, I hope it’s successful for Star Trek’s sake. Even if I don’t like it, I hope new fans will. My TNG will always be there for me.

  • I’ll be playing Stellaris Star Trek mod in the meantime, they keep me waiting too long for Discovery, tonight in New Horizons with my Klingons, I try this every night, I try to take over the Galaxy

  • I just feel like such a bitter old man…I’m still so mad about this being a prequel and I just cant get over it.

  • Somebody will like it, it’s not going to be the OG Star Trek fans, but it will be somebody. Meanwhile, Orville seems like it has more in common OG Star Trek than STD.


  • “Spared no expense”.

    I read this as “Unless it rates like the biggest thing on TV EVER it’s going to be cancelled after 1 season because it’s so expensive to make.”

    sorry, seen that story before.

  • So the entire cast are going to be eaten by genetically engineered Kilngons?

  • Klingons look like garbage.. not sure if I am going to watch this.

  • CBS has become terrible at managing StarTrek. It’s as if they are devoid of real fans. But just throw money at the problem and it will go away.

  • A story no one asked to be told, set in a time no one wanted to see, being shown on a platform no one wanted to buy.

    Featuring the JJ explosive style that fans hated, the Klingons….sortof…and a main character ripped off directly from a 1999 Star Trek video game.

    This fall…discover…that Discovery…costs CBS more than just money.

  • Good luck with your attempt to acquire a new audience.

    I wish them well.

  • The writing staff looks pretty solid as do the producers, effects seem to be very high, but the problem so far for me is the cast. From the few trailers I have seen I am not feeling them yet. Could be just me though. I will give them a fair shot. I only hope it will be available on Hulu as they have a CBS partnership. I really don’t want to have to subscribe to yet another streaming service. I already have three, and sometimes HBO GO too.

  • I’m skeptical, but if they give it an honest try, I’ll be happy.

  • Yeah and I can spend thousands of dollars at the strip club and still get stuck with Ol’ Lady Ethel.

  • And this is why the story needed to take place after Nemesis. When your budget is huge, you spare no expense on worlds and ships and they will look more majestic than anything we’ve seen. Fuck…Starbase Yorktown looked way out of TNGs league.

  • I’m just amazed there are star trek historians

  • I still wonder if it will be OK just to wait till each season is out and buy the DVDs rather wasting money on Netflix (Internet’s is that bad in Australia)

  • I think we should all take in to account the first rule of acquisition:
    Once you have their money, never give it back.

  • > Our focus groups were *extensive*. **All** demographics will be catered too. What could go wrong?

  • Always adore everything like this

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