• > Discovery will ultimately air exclusively on CBS’s streaming service, CBS All Access.

    Well, looks like no one’s going to watch it then.

  • It’s been 15 years since Enterprise? holy fuck.

  • I didn’t wait 15-years for a prequel that turns the Spock family into the Skywalkers, looks more technologically advanced than the shows set after it, and introduced a third aesthetic look for the Klingons. I didn’t ask for Trek that prides itself on adding internal conflict to the crew instead of respecting the heart of the franchise is a crew of humanity’s best working together to solve problems that are allegories to our own human flaws. For a decade and a half I have not been waiting to retread old ground, but to explore new, undiscovered worlds, to boldy go forward into the depths of space as a way to explore our deepest fears, with new and exciting possibilites around every corner, watching hope, optimism, and a steadfast trust in science be our guiding light.

    And I sure as fuck didn’t wait 15 years for CBS to use my formative childhood nostalgia and the desert of philosophical science-fiction to prop up their shitty streaming service.

  • Fuck that, I’m not paying for CBS’s streaming service to watch one show.

  • And then to watch the actual series, you have to subscribe to the CBS streaming service for a fee.

    Like we need to pay for yet another fucking streaming service.

    Yay…Big Bang Theory reruns!

  • Fuck you CBS, fuck you.

  • And they have found a brand new way to destroy it

  • It’s a shame to see such a great franchise in such inept and greedy hands.

    CBS clearly doesn’t understand the Trek fanbase at all and people who aren’t already fans won’t pay extra just to try a new show.

  • Possibly the first Star Trek I skip out on because it sounds like a non-Star Trek show with the name Star Trek.

  • It doesn’t look much like Star Trek series, more like the movies.

  • It looks so shitty, I doubt it will last 1 season.

  • Give me Picard and a devilishly handsome Riker or GTFO.

  • And it also looks like shit so who cares.

  • Fun fact: The prequel series ‘Discovery’ is set between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘TOS’, both shows were cancelled.

    ‘ENT’, the show that precede ‘Discovery’ in the timeline, and ‘TOS’ the one the follow ‘Discovery’ are the only Trek shows that were cancelled in the history of the franchise.

  • And most Americans will not see it since it will be stream only on CBS site.

  • Games of Thrones in Space. This is not Star Trek.

  • > “There’s an incident, an event, in the history of Starfleet that has been talked about [in previous Star Trek series] but never fully explored,” he teased at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August 2016

    Khitomer massacre.

  • it’s gonna suck.

  • Reddit: “Hey evil cable companies, stop bundling all your channels in one expensive package, offer them ala carte and I’ll pick what I like”

    Reddit, later that day: “Hey evil streaming services, stop offering your content ala carte and letting me pick what I like, bundle it all in one service. And charge me, like, $9, total”

  • Lots of unnecessary hate towards this show.

  • I’ve always felt that something that Star Trek has always lacked is gayness. Not enough gayness. All those *progressive* storylines and the occasional bit of lesbo titillation.

    Now with Brian Fuller producing I’m expecting lots of steamy man on man action.

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