Spotted in Vancouver

Spotted in Vancouver

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  • Hobbes is real.

  • I’d like a water. Hobbes here would like a scotch.

  • Where exactly? My friend needs a drink.

  • Good thing it doesn’t say they have to order their own drinks. I’ll take one for my good friend please.

  • Yeah I’m one o dem watchacallits. A make ’em up pal.

  • I feel like “Tigers drink for free” would’ve been cuter

  • Is Vancouver just Portland but in Canada?

  • Harvey will like this spot. Here’s my card, dinner on Tuesday?

  • schizophrenic people can say their imaginary friends live inside them… boom, free drinks.

  • Cool, I’ve been there. I’m not even Canadian!

  • I’ll have a glass of water, and my imaginary friend will have 10 beers please.

  • Does anybody else know and love Harvey? Because this is definitely Harvey and the two go together so well.

  • I’ll have a bud light and my friend here will have your largest cask of bourbon.

  • What if they are real people, but I think they’re my friends?

  • When you’re not old enough to drink but found a loophole in the system

  • My Dad drives a bus downtown Vancouver; he’s also constantly telling me he’s going out for coffeee with his invisible friends. Now I know he’s lying and actually drinking downtown with them.

  • Not that it matters and probably a lot of people know this. Uva means Grape in Latin based languages, Latin itself, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, if I’m not mistaken.

    Always cool to see C&H references in the wild. 🙂

  • Happy cake day

  • Not imaginary to me.

  • They better, considering the prices in this city.

  • aww

  • I feel like they would just weasel out of it by pantomiming a pour and saying it’s imaginary liquor.

  • Finally, I almost out of imaginary money

  • Hobbes wants to see the wine list.

  • me_irl

  • Right now I feel like an imaginary friend :'(

  • I bet Calvin would be pretty sad that his tiger is real and has to pay.

  • C’mon, friends, drinks are on me!!!

    All of my friends are imaginary! Cheap night for me 😀

  • Needs more jpeg

  • I was just in vancouver

  • They better hope God drinks the cheap stuff.

  • “spotted”

    Nobody I know would ever say this. Probably because it’s fucking stupid.

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