‘Splitting From The Norm’. A 16-year old from a local school has made an insanely awesome piece.

‘Splitting From The Norm’. A 16-year old from a local school has made an insanely awesome piece.

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  • Did that happen because he didn’t account for the movement of wood over time?

  • what the fuck is he wearing

  • He won because he had a great design and did all of the legwork.

  • I need this. It would force my SO to put her shit away rather than stacking it on top of the dresser.

  • The design is from [Judson Beaumont](http://straightlinedesigns.com/project/cracked/) who’s been making this type of “wacky” furniture for 20 years.

  • i hope there’s some pants in that dresser

  • Googly eyes as the knobs would make it.

  • Came for info on the dresser, learned about Australian school uniforms.


  • Looks very cartoony.

  • ITT: a bunch of fucking neckbeards having a go at a 16 year old for his legs/calves, his stance, and his school uniform, rather than concentrating on his rather talented creation. And yes, it was not his original idea, but he credits the original designer.

    Fucking losers the lot of you.

  • I wish the “break” was more functional as some sort of shelf, but I love the overall concept

  • That’s incredible. Bravo, young man.

  • Damn, and with only one arm? Impressive

  • You’ve all been tricked. This is clearly a 32 year old in a school uniform.

  • THATS a fucking 16 year old?!

  • Sigh. Kid mades an awesome work of art as a school project, top comment is shitting on his school uniform.


  • Very Rocko’s Modern Life-esq, but still true to woodworking. Excellent.

  • Not very good quality. Look how it split right in half!

  • Sucks for this guy his amazing work has been eclipsed by his school’s dumbass uniform policy.

    I also went to high school in Australia and although shorts were an option in summer I stuck with the slacks. The tiny shorts/blazer/pulled up socks/shiny black shoes combination never really worked for me tbh

  • That is bad ass!

  • But do the drawers still work?

  • Do the drawers open?

  • I think it’s ugly as hell but I admire the craftsmanship

  • Angus young, pre guitar…

  • This guy goes to my school hahah

  • Gorgeous work! This kid is going places. Great job.

  • I thought it said 16 year old girl, but then realized it was a guy. Then I considered whether that was a part of the splitting from the norm title. Then I realized it didn’t send say girl in the title. Fucking mind blasted

  • Wish more school distracts had ‘real’ shop classes still. Most around here have dumped them. Awesome job!

  • That is incredibly creative and masterfully done.

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