• More like cyclist and oncoming vehicle both have close calls with dumbass motorcycle rider.

  • You always hear from motorcyclists how dangerous it is because others aren’t aware of them, and that IS true, but this guys is endangering other people’s lives for his own amusement. Uncool.

  • So he is proud that he ran two cars off the road to keep from having a head on collision with him because of his carelessness.

  • I’m sure this guy will find his way to the grave soon enough.

  • Fuck that guy.

  • This guy seems to be going a little fast.. Maybe I’m wrong, who knows.. I just wouldn’t be rocking that road so quickly.

  • Bikers always seem to be dumbasses. More worried about getting their speed boner on than safety. Also, this is why so many people hate sport bike riders.

  • This is just a case of target fixation. I would say speed is a factor, but he was going slower around that turn than at any other point in the video. He’s also not 10ft tall, so there was no need to freak about the cyclist. He locked his eyes on the oncoming vehicle, and went towards it.

  • He’s speeding. Fuck him.

  • This douchebag probably whines about “cagers” all day, too.

  • what’s with that urine sample?

  • Is that a Tuono with clip-ons? Awesome.

  • Source (with slow motion replay) – [YouTube/SpeedJ0nez](https://youtu.be/JlLxKixuAow)

  • Close call? They weren’t even close

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