• this is perhaps the most un-nyc nyc apt ive seen to date.

  • I’m so confused by the sink placement

  • How often do you need to eat pizza to justify a pizza oven in your kitchen?

  • So much money, so little taste…

  • Room porn for who, the guido cast of the Jersey Shore? Overtly distressed cabinets, facade of fake stones, mixture of metals, hideously oversized drawer hardware..smh. This shit is going to terribly dated in the future (it already does now).. Reminds me of my grandma’s olive green bathtub from the 60s.

    After seeing the rest of the house…yuck.

  • Spotlights always look tacky and hideous in pictures of interiors

  • [deleted]

  • The design is just so much shit everywhere…

    And wat is with that many pizza paddles… if you have a pizza oven only one paddle can go in at a time anyway… and you should use the metal ones.

  • This is gross. Is it in a basement? [McMansionHell](http://mcmansionhell.com) would have a field day with this.

  • New money

  • Ugh. Soo ugly.

  • I’m actually not a fan of this. There are details I like but it seems a bit overly done. And TV in the kitchen?? Meh.

  • I know it’s a rich guy thing, but the gold leaf painting throughout the rest of the house is just gross looking.

    Also a leather love seat in the kitchen is weird.

    I would kill for that library though.

  • The rest of the kitchen is in NYC, also

  • I’m a fucking idiot.. I misread the price as 98k not 98mil and thought that that was a bargain price.

  • This is almost contradictory. I would imagine the real estate prices in New York would make this kitchen extremely expensive. And yet, it has a pizza oven… but this is in NEW YORK, so wouldn’t you just buy some of the best pizzas made anywhere?

    This would make perfect sense if it’s in some place like Montana where the land is cheap and the winter is so cold that you stay home and cook pizza so it heats the entire house as well.

  • Eww, giant vomcano

  • Hideous home

  • This… is *horrible.*

    The premise of the kitchen – a larger-scale “old-world, tuscan kitchen” is probably what the designer was going for but then they had to AMP IT UP for some goddamn strange reason.

    The colour scheme is all over the damn place. Reds, greys and yellows in the stone walls, yellow/beiges in the floor and … SOFA? who puts a goddam chesterfield in the kitchen? I’m sorry, but “eclectic” is not a synonym for “do whatever you goddam want to”

    The lighting isn’t designed to naturally highlight features and accent the sightlines it’s “THE FOOLS BUDGETED $300K FOR LIGHTING GET IT IN THERE”

    Much the same for the cabinetry – obviously laid out by a recent interior design grad with no appreciation for the complexity nor difficulty of ensuring spec’d appliances will be installed correctly, and without any experience in dressing up cabinets with architectural details because it’s all over the place and I gotta say almost dangerous. How many people are going to dump a piping hot pizza on someone’s chest because they got caught up on that column and marble countertop poking out from nowhere???

    And the cabinet hardware… oh for pity’s fuck. You have hideously oversized handles that were probably salvaged off cannons from civil war ships… combined with the worst possible handle placement – oh and what’s on that island? oh fuckshit it’s A DIFFERENT HANDLE STYLE FOR NO GODDAMN REASON AT ALL and who’s idea are the faux barrel hinges on the doors you’re not fooling fucking anyone and why are there *three different toekick styles* and for christ’s blueballed sake the dishwasher *in the foreground* is missing a goddamn toekick and has a filler beside it ***which is oversprayed fucking particleboard***…

    And my pity to the installers who had to put these shitstorms together. I can only imagine the face of the countertop contractor drawing the template for the monstrous slabs of marble being a mix of “I’m in the money” and “shit. shit. shit.”

    Overall, these guys spent $800k? Maybe a million? to walk into a room to see electrical outlets all over the damn place and to be greeted by [Mister Pizza Oven every morning.](https://i.imgur.com/wtmO2BI.png “Hello. Care for a pizza? No? FUCK YOU.”)

    Situations like this make me glad i’m out of the biz. So much money wasted on people who will probably look at this and say “OMG Becky that’s a *gore*-gous kitchen it makes me feel like im in Italy like last week when I had to meet up with my personal trainer Giuvechi – he was on vacation you know but I absolutely could not be without my squats for another week.”

  • I think this was beautiful before getting buttfucked on Photoshop, Lightroom, whatever.

  • The cabinets are sooo ugly

  • Sad thing is, I bet people who can afford this won’t use this. I mean their executive chef may, but they arnt using it.

  • That bathroom looks like Ursula’s private underwater spa. I wonder if octopodes take baths..

  • when your island is so big it has its own island you know you’ve gone overboard

  • “Travertine? Pick up a design magazine now and then.” – Jeff Lewis

  • That island right in front of the refrigerator..

  • It’s excessive, but mostly Jackie Browne or you just buy some of the cooking area.

  • this is surely some terrible suburban house outside of some terrible urban city.


  • would trade half the space for windows
    boo kitchen cave

  • Design style: fancy taqueria

  • Why do the richest people have the worst taste. I mean I know why, gaudiness is the easiest way to show wealth, but WOW. Just the constant state of dissonance you must be in living here and then walking out into the streets New York City [not that I’m actually suggesting these people have to even look at a poor person if they don’t want to].

  • Millionaire’s Kitchen

  • The floors are made of old rail road tracks , I think I read this when this house was in the times a while back.

  • One normal sized refrigerator in that entire space. On top of the stove-sink-fridge triangle being jacked. Makes no sense.

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