Sorry about your small penis

Sorry about your small penis

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  • I know right! What type of tiny cocked bastard drives a PT Cruiser?

  • This joke is so tired.

  • At least he didn’t park like a douche

  • #Alberta

  • [deleted]

  • I’m more curious on how they get in and out. Do they have a portable ladder?

  • I’d trade a smaller penis for that.

  • Ah, the elusive [Sandking XL]( So many hours spent searching for it.

  • BOO. It’s OK to have a small penis. Small ding dings unite!

  • Just because you don’t understand or appreciate something, doesn’t mean you have to insult the people that do.

  • I think we may be witnessing the ride of a “micro-penis” driver, right there. Lift is great, but it always kills me that the tires are so small – looks disproportionate.

  • Hey now! Don’t be judgmental.. he probably has tiny balls too.

  • Ever wondered he might have a big penis that’s why he need all that ground clearance.

  • What if he needs a big truck like that for the floor clearance? Cus of his huge dick.

  • Coming from a female… other guys may talk shit but that truck gets him a lot of females!!!!! ***sexy***

  • Sorry about your huge vagina.

  • Poor person is sad someone can buy a $60,000 truck and 10k in upgrades. Have fun with your Kia and fast food job.

  • Sorry about your inability to accept that some people like to drive pick up trucks

  • The drivers a girl tho..

  • I’m so offended that you assume that he has a small penis just by judging the size of his truck.. he obviously has a small penis because it’s a pickup truck! Who drives pickup??? REDNECKS, so yea redneck = small penis. Just to be PC, not all small penis = rednecks, some Asians​ too..

  • He drives a big truck goes he’s got a small pee pee!

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