• “Someone”

  • He looks like he has dreadlocks and a joint from the creases.

  • I guess he’ll be back soon

  • Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.

  • Not using a hole punch feels like a missed opportunity here.

  • someone walked around with this crumpled up picture in their pocket until finally the day came when no one was around to see them tape it to the sensor


  • Why does it look like it’s been in their wallet since 1912?

  • Is this at a museum in Melbourne??

  • Google is Skynet.

  • It looks like someone was carrying around that crumpled paper for years, waiting for the right thing to tape it too.
    This… This was destiny.

  • I would have gone for Eddie on the cover of Somewhere in Time.

  • A Borg one would work well too.

  • Its no doubt there to obscure a hidden RFID .scanner to clone your card. Well played, hackerman.

  • This is a repost for sure.

  • “someone”

  • Should’ve left the glasses intact, would’ve looked like the poster.

  • ***AH’LL BE BAHK*** *IN THEATERS AUGUST 25th!* **IN 3D!**

  • *Access denied*
    I’ll be back

  • Someone I wonder who lol

  • i’ve actually been looking for a sticker of this exact thing for the red LED on my laptop. the closest i got was another guy who made a post looking for the same thing for the same laptop. (and i messaged him to ask if he ever found one… he said no :()

    i might just end up making one myself…

  • Such a good movie

  • Please make this a thing. Next is HAL 9000 from 2001– A Space Odyssey

  • “someone”

  • How the worker finds out they don’t have a job anymore:

    *Scans badge*

  • This just makes me all the more disappointed in hr shitty Facebook memes that get placed around my place of work.

  • Hey, Janelle, what’s wrong with Wolfy?

  • Someone deserves a raise

  • I did this at my old work on my last day, along with several other pranks. The HR Manager thought it was absolutely hilarious and commended me for bringing a smile to her face.

  • r/mildlyvandalised

  • I hope no one at your workplace is named “John Connor”

  • Common….Terminator is waiting for your details….:p

  • Well done

  • Nice!! Did this with our peep hole on the main door in our dorm. Who cares who is outside…just let them in. Fun times!!

  • Craftsmanship is on point.

  • They have upgraded to the new Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800™ identity verification service.


  • Arnold’s pizza shop


  • My next project at work.

  • Lol

  • Dang it! Years ago, I had an idea to put terminator stickers over the blinking red lights on urinals. Someone beat me to it 🙁

  • I approve of this badassery.

  • This is awesome

  • Genius

  • I’m doing this when I get to work today

  • The skimmer is under the other eye.

  • ‘You know ya Key Card sensors, buddy!’

  • Your ID card.

    Give it to me.

  • This person deserves a promotion

  • the thumbnail looks like he has dreadlocks

  • Beware fake scanners

  • Looks like a very old picture too.. I wonder how long they’ve been planning this.

  • I like how shitty the application is too. That shit looks like it was made from a twenty year old Xerox machine, taped on with old, dusty tape from the back of a drawer, and not even cut out correctly to fit over the scanner.

    Someone either poorly executed it, or thought about it SO well they did it perfectly.

  • “Nice! I finally found a place to put this Terminator pic I’ve been carrying around in my wallet!”

  • …must copy this.

  • I need to be that person.

  • Neat!

  • Do you work on a project called Skynet?

  • Is it me, or does this not look like Bob Marley overlayed with The Terminator

  • “Someone”

  • honest question here are technology jobs crawling with people like this? Ya know, people with a Reddit type of sense of humor.

    I want to get into the field but the stress of dealing with a whole building full of people like that would stress me out

  • Amazing! Lol

  • “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle, or just place your ID badge up towards my face”.

  • I would give the employee a bonus for improving company morale.

  • Don’t be coy. It was you and you know it.

  • Whoever did this is an amazing person, if you know who did it tell them the internet said thanks

  • *someone*

    “me” -op

  • I had an idea for a product like this, with some name like StickONs or LEDecals…basically die cut stickers of characters like The Terminator, Cyclops (X-Men), HAL 9000, Cylons, Daleks, et al with a hole where their eye would be. Peel and stick on your gadgets. I thought it would have been a fun thing.

  • Wow

  • Lol this should be in /r/funny 😂

  • Placement was 2mm off. 7/10. #shamelessredditreviews

  • Da da, dun, da da

  • he’ll be back for it


  • I’m SO doing that to our Lab entry!

  • Skynet is pleased

  • It’s been there awhile

  • https://giphy.com/gifs/xT39DpyO9lUbqPYpQQ
    My Shitty Robot version I just made

  • Was that somebody you?

  • You did this OP. It’s ok. We forgive you

  • Reminds me of the annual homecoming dorm decorating contest in college. It was (still is) a small campus with only five residence halls, so the smaller halls competed individually while each floor of the larger ones had to design their own.

    One year we chose a Haunted House theme. Our dorm was separated from the others by about half the campus and there was a half wall jutting out from the next building. You had to walk past this wall to get to the dorm. That’s where we wrote ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’ and where the judges were met by my linebacker size roommate in his linebacker size black hooded cloak wearing a set of horns (don’t know where he got them but they were great) who would guide them through the house.

    Inside the entrance, at the foot of the (creepily shrouded) stairs, we had taken a large poster of Jim Morrison, attached it to a refrigerator box, cut out his eyes and replaced them with red Christmas lights. So literally the first thing the judges saw when they entered he building was Demonic Possession Jim Morrison.

    (I was at the top of the stairs wielding a chainsaw (we removed the chain beforehand). I startled them a bit.

    We were the last stop on the judges’ tour and I heard them say as the passed me and entered the display proper, ‘these guys win.’

    TL;DR. Glowing red eyes jim Morrison helps win homecoming contest.

  • This is incredible, kudos to whoever did this

  • I cannot express the brilliance displayed

  • I dont wanna be a bummer but this is fake…

  • Will you be back?

  • Did you notice the triangle in his left eye ?? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!

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