• I’m happy Lala is back, but I really, really, really need “I see no one’s been working on their summer bodies” bitchiness and not this BS peace amongst the cast.

    Fight and spit in each other’s faces, bitches, or make way for a new cast made up of 23 year olds and not 38 year olds.

  • Is VPR scripted?

  • I wouldn’t know that was either one of them.

  • I think they are just taking drunk photos to mess with us

  • If this season is boring and peaceful I am DONE with VPR (I hope).

  • I barely recognized Katie. Seems the VPR cast are all getting along or at least making it seem like they are. I don’t know if I buy it though 😒

    The friendship I am excited for is Jax and James, imagine those two teaming up!

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