So a rabbi, a priest, and a black guy are on an airplane…

So a rabbi, a priest, and a black guy are on an airplane…

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  • What’s the punch line? Tension is killing me

  • A rabbi, a priest, and a black guy are on an airplane.

    The Asian doctor gets violently removed.

  • “So, how about that jesus guy, right?”

  • The priest says to the rabbi, “You want to fuck this black guy?”

    The rabbi says, “Out of what?”

  • I think it’s cause they all have the same glasses..

  • Probably not a Rabbi – average Orthodox Jewish guy more likely. The outfit is very common.

  • I feel an Avenue Q song coming on…

  • “Ok, Stop me if you have heard this one.”

    “There’s a plane going down, There is only one parachute, and there is a Rabbi, a Priest….”



  • His face at the end 😂

  • A priest, a Rabbi, and a black guy are on a plane. The plane crashes and they all go to hell. The devil says, “Gimme 300 bucks and you can go back to your life”.
    At the crash site, the rescuers are astonished to see the priest come back to life. He tells them the story about the devil’s deal and how he handed over the 300 dollars. So they asked, “What happened to the other two guys?” The priest says,” Last I saw, the Rabbi had him down to 250 and the black guy was lookin’ for a cosigner”.

  • The air hostess comes along and asks “What is this, some kind of joke?

  • I’m glad one of them was able to appreciate it

  • A priest a rabbi and a cardinal meet jesus in a church, the priest asks him to cure hunger he touches him done, cardinal asks him to solve the wars touches him done, he asks the rabbi and rabbi says don’t touch me I’ll lose my disability.

  • I always wonder why it’s not just a Christian but a priest. Not a Jew but a rabbi. But still just a black guy…

  • The Priest says, “I believe that we’re going to land safely in comfort.” The Rabbi says, “I believe we’ll experience turbulence and barely make it.” The black guy says, “I can’t believe these niggas gonna serve me chicken wings without hot sauce.”

  • You have to go to Extra Church!

  • Someone please finish the joke.

  • Was disappointed no punch line. Then saw the look on the guys face at the end. That’s a good enough punchline for me.

  • From the look on they guy’s face that is filming it, this is perfect for this sub.

    He gets it.
    You get it.
    He gets you getting him getting it.


  • The black guy gets up and say I’m tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane

  • I like how “black guy” is one of the standout characteristics

  • He should say to them, “Hey, you guys wanna hit the bar when we land and, you know, see what happens?”

  • HAHA Some people are different xDDDDD

  • Death Flag or Comedic Flag? You choose.

  • Is that the undertaker guy, or am I a racist?

  • Where’s the Muslim?

  • It looks like the priest is actually reading the Bible too

  • I just thought of this joke.

    What do you get when you cross a Jew with a Roman soldier?

    Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to tell you?

  • Is that the [shocked Undertaker guy]( or am I a racist?

  • He could be a muslim

  • Out of all those ppl in the lineup, I trust the non-religio regular black guy the most.

  • A rabbi, a priest, and a reverend*

  • Alternatively, A black guy, a white guy, and a Jew are on a plane.

  • I feel like that priest is reading the New Testament super obviously just to spite the Rabbi and I want to know why and feel like I missed out on a some sort of beef they had before the sat down. Like they bumped into each other in the terminal and exchanged words before and now they have to spend the whole flight in awkward tension…

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  • Umm he’s not a rabbi. Just a regular orthodox

  • I like how the priest and the rabbi are just chilling and the black guy is so self aware

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