Snow Angel Mercy Concept!

Snow Angel Mercy Concept!

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  • Blizzard should have a skin concept contest where the winners skins get into the game.

  • This is amazing!! I would use this skin all the time! Awesome job!

  • *Jeff please*

  • it’s very *cool.*

    i like it a lot!

  • Honestly, it almost looks like it would work better on Moira. The sleaves and bits around the waist that poke up seem more in line with Moira’s design. Great concept nonetheless though!

  • I love Arctic designs, hopefully the winter event this year has more than just Holiday themed skins, I’d like to see my fav heroes in Arctic gear for cold missions. Junkrat would be an interesting one to see fully clothed

  • The wing color is #BaeAF…. err, um, #Bae4f7 🙂

  • I never thought I’d see this on here. I actually go to the same school this artist goes to (I don’t know him personally) and I’ve seen a printed version of this concept art hanging around in the Comm Arts building on campus last year. It’s not there anymore, but it’s still pretty cool to see that this is getting more recognition. It such an awesome looking skin!

  • Holy moly, this reminds me of this skin concept here: (idk how to embed a link) but this is a beautiful concept, reminds me of a christmas auriel just from the attire and hood.

  • Snow Angel skin concept > Mercy has yellow healing beam > yellow snow


  • Great work! It looks really good, I’d definitely equip thisone!

  • Whoa! This looks awesome! I really hope Blizzard does an awesome Mercy Winter skin this year. I would love something like this, great work!

  • This is awesome, Blizzard should release a wave of fan made skins let the community take votes. Would be fantastic!

  • Awesome! Would love to see something like this this year.

  • Wow love this!!

  • Should definitely be called “snow mercy”.

  • This is such a beautiful design. I’m curious how her staff/lantern would work though?

  • People need to stop making me feel salty about seeing amazing skins that I will never have :<

  • fucking amazing

  • Man, all the fan concept skins look so amazing, heck most of them look better than the official ones we get in game.

  • Right now someone at Blizzard is saying, “damn, I want that.”

  • I’m throwing my money at the phone but it’s not working please help must have do want now yes

  • How about a skin for Ana instead of Mercy, if had about enough of Mercy.

  • Now that I think about it, my Mercy is going to be runing around the event wearing a miniskirt

  • I dig it. Up there with Bride of Junkenstein Zarya and roller disco Lucio.

  • The lantern goes really well with the overall outfit

  • This is too good of a skin, it could never be in the game

  • So… DOTA’s Crystal Maiden?

  • This is really awesome, funny enough I actually knew the artist from high school.

  • Stunning!

  • I need this now.

  • This an absolutely beautiful design!

  • @Blizzard HIRE THIS MAN!

  • omgblizzplz

  • Holy shit i need this

  • Holy fuck I want it! And it proves once again: Mercy skins can’t look bad. They just CAN NOT.

  • This is such a beautiful concept, I would really love to see something like this in game 🙂

  • Great skin, but i would love to have a mercy skin without the loincloth.

  • wow that looks great!

  • I would like shit like that much better than some joke skins.

    This is really nice.

  • Awesome!


  • Um, yes. Yes to this right here.

  • This is great, I really hope blizzard takes this up!

  • I like that alot! Great design! I love her staff!

  • I don’t know if this was posted elsewhere, but the Imgur link shows it being posted a year ago there.

  • “I’m s**no**w angel”

  • Meircy

  • This is amazing. Nice work!

  • You can’t give a hood to Mercy, it would mess up with her silhouette.

  • no cleavage? alright

  • as u/zumoro so eloquently put it.

    > Filing under “Awesome skin concepts we can never have because lawyers.”

  • What’s funny is there’s a champion concept on league of legends who looks dangerously similar to this skin xD.

  • and the gun? you forgot about her pistol !!!
    (all jokes aside its p coolio)


  • I’m sure it wouldn’t happen, but I want the version with the lantern to be a thing SO BADLY!

  • My waifu needs more amazing skins like this. Bliz plz

  • Wings are bae.

  • YES! I was thinking a hero should get a winter coat skin! This is so perfect :3

  • This is an old concept, but it still needs to be added!!

  • I like the staff

  • One year ago tho

  • Oh please yes.

  • Beautiful! I want this! 🙂

  • I don’t need it, I don’t need it… I NEED IT

  • I need this now omg.

  • I have seen this before.

  • holy whiskers you go sisters

  • Can’t look at her upskirt, go back to the drawing board.

  • This is actually a pretty bland and lazy design, i hope what blizz prepared for us is more creative and interesting.

  • Too many mercy skins, especially for a shitty hero… stop no more skins

  • No, she doesn’t need anymore skins

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