Snoop Dogg at prom in the late 80s

Snoop Dogg at prom in the late 80s

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  • He married her. They’re still together.

  • paging u/Here_Comes_The_King
    How was it?

  • Snoop Puppy Pup

  • Later on he smoked the corsage

  • Prom dizzle

  • sippin’ on gin and punch

  • Wait! How old is he!?!? He looks too old to be at prom in late 80s!!!!!

  • Looks like he’s sayin ” yeah muthafucka “

  • u/Here_Comes_the_King did you have a good time at prom?

  • Calvin Broadus lookin’ fly as per usual

  • She got the dizzle.

  • “I’m bout to fizzle this vizzle, dawg.”

  • Rare doggo

  • look at them jerry curls lol as 80s as it gets

  • Doggy style

  • Real gangsta

  • It’s the capital S oh yes the fresh N double-O P, D O double-G Y D O double-G ya see.

  • I love his wife. She’s one of the coolest ladies I’ve ever seen. They make a cute couple

  • I remember back when Snoop always acted hard to develop his street cred and didn’t smile until like 1997.

  • Bet her vagizzle got fuchizzled that nizzle!

  • He looks laaayed back.

  • Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? For Drizzle.

  • Happy B’day Dude

  • He looks so happy

  • Oh god. Snoop and I are the same age!

  • Gangsta. Full time.

  • Snoop looks dapper as fuck.

  • That is so sweet!

  • I can see him now Crip Walking into prom.

  • He looks so much like a girl, nothing like today. His taller date looks just like him though.

  • She got pregnant that night didnt she

  • with Rosie Perez…

  • That guy fucks.

  • I think he had pink eye…

  • ???? Prom??? Late 80s?!?!

  • Today is his birthday!

  • Looks like an album cover.

  • Snoop is the greatest

  • That’s where the pistol is kept

  • TIL snoop dogg is the same age as my dad o.o

  • He tapped dat ass.

  • Gotta love snoop d o double g

  • She sayin…slow down dogg

  • Word

  • I’ve never seen an unhappier fellow.

  • I bet their curfew was “6 in the mownin’”

  • Pre weed.

  • You mean the L80s? 😉

    Imma leave now.

  • The Weed Man back in school.

  • r/trees

  • Pimping.

  • T a l l

  • They are still together believe it or not

  • It’s hilarious but my mom has a crush on Snoop. It just cracks me up. She’s a lil 60yo, straight laced, ginger lady from nowhere but of all the celebrities to have a crush on, my mom loves Snoop.

  • Happizzle Birthdizzle, Snoop.

  • Dude was gangsta before it was a thang

  • I wonder if what’s his name got at her yesterday?

  • Is no one gonna say anything about those boobs?

  • Guy has always had those dead eyes.

  • Well, I was expecting more, but it’s just a standard prom photo. Ant really say what I was expecting, but CHRONIC.

  • Ain’t nothin’ but a g-string baby…

  • He 187 that ho.

  • Gap teeth in her mouth

  • Poop dog

  • His wife and daughter are dumb as bricks, they were on family feud and it was sad. Steve(the host) even said ” you’ve been rich a long time”.

  • Looks like a dick! Must of been pre pot! Haha

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