• Are we still bitching about receiving almost 75 million pounds a year for having a polygon on our shirts

  • I never knew the logo was a bowtie. Just always assumed it was some sort of crest they designed.

  • The logo would be awesome on kits if they just put the logo without the text or just the text withnout the logo. Having both logo and text is what kills it.

  • never understand how strong the reactions are to this logo…it’s not like the Vodafone, AIG, or Aon logos were some pieces of high art

  • FUCK … is this a slow day or what!

    On a side note, this is a cool little article

  • I like it. Although true story someone driving a GMC, another truck company here in the states, told me to fuck off as he drove past me while wearing a United jersey. It was quite odd but hilarious at the same time.

  • We are signing top players that teams don’t want to sell. So it takes time. Not signing shit that sign easily like the scousers.

  • It’s beloved, just not by as many as it deserves

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