• 3 years ahead of their competitors? I didn’t realize they were so close

  • I’ve [written a primer](https://elliot-swartz.squarespace.com/science-related/invitromeat) on lab-grown meat for those interested in learning about feasibility and other variables involved in the process.

  • Bit of a tangential question, for once lab-grown meat becomes widespread.

    If there was a restaurant, where you supplied a DNA sample, and they grew you a steak made of your own meat… would you eat it?

    Assume no health problems arise from it.

  • How many people are going to starve to death in that time?

    Edit: 3,153,600 apparently.

  • ive heard that we are still way off from growing meat. all we can do is make tiny bits but we need to make tons and tons very fast. Or else people wont buy it becaus it will be expensisive. Growing meat is still early and will take decades and decades.

  • It has to be affordable and not taste disgusting. If you do that the fast food joints would use it.

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