She knows what the superior siege engine is. A thousand upvotes and I’m getting married.

She knows what the superior siege engine is. A thousand upvotes and I’m getting married.

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  • 1000 upvotes for marriage? I’d say 10k minimum. I’m not cheap

  • This post gained 100 upvotes in the last five minutes o.O

    Guess wedding bells are in the air.

  • > how many upvotes…?

    and the answer was not in the form of 90 over 300?? i don’t know man… you might have to reconsider…

  • She doesn’t know reddit very well, this is going over 10k, easy.

  • Take my upvote

  • [downvoting this post](

  • An even 1000? So no more and no less?

  • Looks like we’re gonna having a wedding. So, what do you want for a present?

  • Can you please stand 300m away so I can launch a 90kg upvote at your face

    *Best wishes, Earl*

  • I upvoted, but this is legally binding, you know. No backing out.

  • She said an even 1000. OP, you’re well over a 1000

  • Congratulations for the sex!

  • Is Reddit invited now?

  • This will be on /r/best of by days end. She’s in this thread and proves we’re not getting bamboozled.

    Have an upvote, sir.

  • is it within 300 meters? Because then, anything is in reach.

  • Consider this my wedding gift

  • My AOE2 senses are tingling and it seems she grossly underestimated OP’s resource management skills. He’s basically fast castling his way straight into her heart and should she be booming her own economy with the intent of dropping a few forward castles to slow OP’s advance, OP will already be in the imperial age at that point and everybody knows what piece of siege weaponry becomes available then ;;;;))))))))

    That’s right! Siege Onagers!!! Great for keeping most infantry and basically everything else at bay. Also with the ability to hack through entire forests and no required set up time before firing, OP’s future wife basically has no chance against his late game, she may as well just smash that resign button. GG OP, GG. 11

  • this post is fake. sorry

  • Hey /u/Mortson,

    This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.

  • Lol at 1000 upvotes being out of reach for someone who correctly identifies the #1 superior siege weapon there is.

  • BTW she said “an even thousand” and you’re way above that. You receive no marriage unless you get ~23,100 downvotes.

  • Who still uses 3G? What is this, the Dark Ages.

  • Marry her.

  • He’s in boisss

  • She is a woman of fine tastes

  • I don’t think anyone has asked yet but can I be a groomsmen? I also know what the superior siege weapon is.

  • Good luck with fixed weapon in a field battle.

  • She probably fat.

  • Hey OP, can I be your best man?

  • An hour and 5000 upvotes later, i think that the two of you are meant to be 😀

  • Just pointing out, post has 0 (zero) upvotes as of now.

  • Mazel Tov!

  • logged in to help the cause. better marriages have been founded on less.

  • That was 6 too many words. She had one job.

  • 2800 upvotes as of now. For the record, I’m an ordained minister and I could give you two the ol’ Reddit discount…

  • 7k upvotes and counting, you have to get married at least 7 times now

  • We’ll build you a trebuchet for your wedding gift.

  • You are trying too hard

  • y’all need to remove your upvotes

  • Well I mean, it’s showing me that there are 0 upvotes so…. Better luck next time I guess

  • He didn’t say “no bamboozle”, thread carefully…

  • May I inform you that OP’s love interest asked for an even thousand, so everytime the number of thousands becomes uneven, the wedding is out of the question until it becomes even again…

  • goddamn OP you hit the jackpot there

  • This will blow up so hard..

  • Nonsense. Uptoast.

  • Updooted. God speed OP.

  • I’m so glad I have no idea what any of this means.


  • I hope you got your bamboozle insurance ready boys, people will do anything nowadays for that updoot.

  • Enjoy your karma.

  • I hope she has a dress picked out…

  • Klart grabben ska knulla!

  • One day. Like you. I will find my Trebuchet woman!

  • Congrats op

  • …anyone who has ever played Age of Empires would know this…

  • God speed, sir.

  • r/cringe

  • So what those 17k in one hour gets you?

  • I assumed an even thousand meant exactly 1,000 upvotes.. no more, no less.

  • Looks like you’re getting married 20 times over right now.

  • Now she gotta marry you 22 times

  • Get laid for the rest of us.

  • I think displaying a knowledge of medieval torture devices would be a better measure of marriageability.

  • You need to give some gold to get married.

  • It’s well past a thousand OP. When’s the wedding?

  • It says an even thousand. So we need to get this score to 1000 only.

  • You can’t marry her, it took her 7 words to tell you the answer.

  • Let’s make an effort to keep this on 999 upvotes.

  • she underestimates the power of reddit.

    edit: i dont know why the downvotes , didnt say anything wrong.

  • up vote

  • Take my upvote friend! At your wedding you had better move a 90kg projectile 300m.

  • We did it!

  • I want to be your best counterweight at the wedding.

  • Did you put it in her butt?

  • Take the upvotes of me and my alts. Please no bamboozle

  • I’m doing my part!

  • She underestimates out POWA

  • Congrats on your pending nuptials, friend

  • Downvoted

    Trust me OPee, marrying a random girl on Tinder due to superior siege enigine will only break your heart.

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