She knocked a chair over and now she doesn’t want to live here anymore.

She knocked a chair over and now she doesn’t want to live here anymore.

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  • Can we get a follow-up pic of her conquering her fear and sitting on the chair?

  • Somebody get that dog a bone

  • Awwww so cute! My cat will do that too even if I don’t yell at him or even acknowledge the stupid thing he did he basically punishes himself lol

  • She is a very happy and loved pup – just got caught in a scary moment with a big bad scary chair!

  • she has a very human like face

  • This post is one that keeps on giving!!!

    I clicked on every link & was so excited & happy to see that every link was a different photo of her :):)

    * she’s super cute! give her hugs & kisses for me!

  • Aww, poor thing. My dog is also a cowardly dumb dumb clutz but unfortunately she’s also a 130 pound mastiff so she’s also knocking stuff over and doing herself a frighten almost all the time.

  • What breed is she?!
    She kind of looks like an Aussie.

  • Our cat knocked a chair over somehow during a thunderstorm. Took her four years to use the chair again. But she’s terrified of loud noises so she probably kitty ptsd.

    But your dog is adorable, one of my favourite breeds.

  • God… my dog is 10 and still does shit like this. Chihuahua/pug mix, if he ever knocks anything over he’ll avoid that area for weeks afterward thinking it’s haunted or something.

  • Thank you OP for posting such cute follow up pictures C:

  • completely understandable… sometimes i stub my toe and have to relocate my entire family

  • Its a Toller!

  • She looks like she feels like you don’t want her to live there anymore.

  • That made me laugh really hard

  • If her name’s Baby, you can’t put her there…

  • Gotta love Tollers. Mine wakes me up like this if I sleep in too much

  • Poor doggo. She didn’t mean it 🙁 And what was that chair doing there anyway ?!!?

  • Is that a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever?

  • OP is the real MVP here. I skimmed through the top comments and couldn’t find one reposted picture of their dog. All OC. Good work OP!

  • Puppies often go through a fear period at this age where they seem to over react to scary situations. It’s super common and most puppies bounce back very quickly. A pup I watched last month did the same thing with his own crate while it was collapsed, we just played past it till he forgot his home was a thunder box.

  • /r/tollers wants this pup!

  • Is that a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever????

  • I had a dog that was scared of the ceiling fan and wouldn’t cross the room when it was on. I finally decided she and I were gonna tackle her fear. I sat on the floor on the opposite side of room with fan going, calling/encouraging her to come to me for what seemed like hours (It was probably closer to 30 minutes). She hesitated and balked but finally got up the courage and made it across. She was so excited and proud but when she reached me and I hugged her, the painting on the wall behind me fell off and landed on both of our heads.

    One fear conquered, another developed. I felt horrible.

  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever? Best pup I’ve ever had
    White nose is good luck. Mine used to poop on people’s couches. Otherwise, that dog will never let you down.

  • You clearly need to get rid of all the chairs in your apartment. Abolish them NOW.

  • TOLLER PUPPY!!! She’s gorgeous! 🙂

  • Dude you’re lucky to have this cutie

  • Oh my god, what a beautiful pup.

  • Poor pupper is scared. :(( Stupid chair!!!

  • she is so beautiful!!

  • Get rid of the chair. It’s the right thing to do.

  • It’s cool, she can move in with me.

  • Nothing a hug can’t fix.

  • Tollers are the best!

  • Aww sweetheart!!!

  • Makes me think of how my dog sauntered into one of those tiny flags stuck into the grass by PSE&G and let out the loudest screech.. poor thing scared himself. Haha. So now he steers clear of them.

  • Tollers are so sensitive to loud noises, our pupper is the same way, takes some time to get used to all them scary sounds

  • Aww poor girl! If you have any treats for her maybe give them to her on the chair so she can forgive the chair . They will work it out!

  • Gotta throw the whole house out

  • I feel the same way every time I see a spider….

  • 😭so cute I could die😭

  • I love Tollers <3

  • Poor baby.😕

  • Tell the chair be nice to the dog!

  • Best OP ever! Thanks for all the pics, hope your girl gets over this soon!

  • So cute

  • Is she a baby or just smol?

  • She’ll come around.

  • The whole house is out to get me I tell ya.

  • go give that puppy a hug!

  • If you were a good owner, you would pack up and move right now :p

  • Good girl!

  • What kind of dog is she?

  • I wish my mini Aussie still had that super soft coat of fur

  • My Aussie does too!

  • Me when I cause mild irritation

  • Chair: Hey Buddy
    Doggo: Stop looking at Meeeeee

  • Awwww <3

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