Screw dodge ball, teach our youth how to conquer Gaul

Screw dodge ball, teach our youth how to conquer Gaul

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  • Front line has terrible form 0/10

  • Sloppy testudo formation! Decimate this unit at once, that’ll teach them!

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  • Tighten that shield wall up unless you want a spear to the leg.

  • Our pool noodles will black out the sun!

  • If you can dodge a javelin, you can dodge a ball.

  • My Latin class did something similar to this. We got into formation and invaded the French class.

  • “Tonight, we dine in the grade school cafeteria!”

  • This is AWESOME!! where do I sign up?? Er,… my kid I mean.

  • Person on the far right, has a spear to the head rn馃槀

  • That looks like the best Physical Ed. class you could ever be in.

  • Teacher here. Im stealing this.

  • My school never had a sword arsenal. Where is this, Narnia?

  • Teach our kids to conquer Gary…it was something with a G.

  • Psssht, they’ll never conquer Gaul. Not while Asterix and Obelix are still goin’!


  • This is the [Roman Testudo]( (tortoise) formation.

    [Riot police]( still use it today.

  • RIP Vercingetorix.

  • Dodgegaul!

  • The girl in the corner got hit by a spear right in her forehead

  • I thought we were calling him Gary?

  • This reminds me of when I was 15, my 6 year old neighbor had a Star Wars themed birthday party. Well his dad works as on sprinkler systems and took a bunch of that soft plastic piping and put foam noodles around them. He made like 50 swords, some short and some long. After the party, we kept a bunch of them. My friends and I played with those on the trampoline and in my neighbors pool beating the shit out of each other, sword fighting and this kind of shit. For a whole year we fucked around with those until we grew up a little and got cars and started driving. Man those were the days.

  • This was definitely an excuse just to huck shit at a bunch of kids

  • One of the kids in front needs to get hit in the leg, collapse and test how well the formation adjusts (and then proceed to march over their dead lifeless body)

  • Man what a cool fucking idea! It’d be even more fun if it were played like a dodgeball variant. The phalanx advances, the defenders throw rocks and spears and arrows (balls and various size noodles and foam accoutrements) at the advancing army. Any one in the shield wall that is hit goes down, and the formation has to adjust to his being down and reform.

    If the shield wall disintegrates, and all attackers fall, then the defenders win. If the attackers reach the defender’s position, then the attackers win. You could even have a hardcore mode where the two teams can try to rout each other. If the wall falls to a few guys they can keep advancing but get beat down by the volume of projectiles.

    If the wall makes it, they then get to try and cut down the disorganized defenders as they try to fight off the better organized and equipped attackers.

    Damn that sounds fucking fun.

  • I like how that girl in the front immediately suffers a headshot

  • Never skip leg defense

  • Kindergarten wasn’t passed in a day.

  • Venezuela?

  • First thought was definitely “you misspelled ‘Ghaul'”, and then I realised I wasn’t in /r/DestinyTheGame

  • I see that little cheater right in the front right thinking that their plaid shirt makes up for the fact that they get hit right in the face with a spear and didn’t say they were dead.

  • Get in losers, we’re invading germania

  • Fancy a game of Roman Dodgeball?

    Edit: a word

  • The kid in the front second from the right still doesn’t quite understand the concept of the testudo.

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