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**Premise:** The Duplass brothers’ anthology series about the various people who pass through one room in a motel.

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  • What I took away from it is that this was a decent episode, but it showed us what to expect from this series which a pilot is suppose to do. I think as the season goes on its going to get darker and weirder. I think this may end up being an average episode of the season and at some point they are going to hit us with something jaw dropping.

  • I’m kind of curious as to what her references were now.

  • Went completely blind into this show, and I’m so glad I did. IT. WAS. CREEPY. I will absolutely watch the rest of this season. Kudos to the kid who played Ralph – he did an excellent job

  • What does anyone think happened: 1) Meg was psychotic and strangled Ralph who was a normal kid 2) Ralph was supernatural and caused Meg to go mad causing his death? 3) Whatever possessed Ralph took over Meg and she killed him? 4) Other theories?

  • Theory: I think the dad had something to do with it. I just find it convenient that his wife and his son were both murdered by Ralphie (maybe not directly but he tricked her into strangling him). And also the fact that he apparently never really spends quality time with his son makes me feel like maybe he thinks of him as a burden? And the fact that he sleeps around so often makes me feel like he was maybe having problems in his marriage and thought of his wife as a burden? Plus the very last scene is Meg laughing and pointing at the dad saying “it was you”. Idk maybe she figured it out/ knows something we dont? Could be reaching here but w.e

  • Weirdly TBS has a show coming out in a week with pretty much the exact same premise called The Guest Book.

  • It was decent but since every episode is different, the show has potential and I’ll keep tuning in.

  • I kept telling myself, “Oh I know what’s gonna happen!” But then fucking everything went sideways and holy shit. I know they probably won’t revisit what happens after but god damn so many questions. Curious to see what else happens. Can’t wait to see Jared’s episode. Loved that actor in Sex Drive.

  • Not many watched?

  • I thought it was pretty good but I think it could benefit from being hour long episodes rather than 30 mins, that way they could build up suspense a bit better. Felt similar to Black Mirror without the big underlying messages and more of a straight up thriller/horror.

  • I was kinda hoping Mark Duplass would walk into the screen and tell people to next time check the babysitter qualifications before going out on a date

  • I went to the LA premiere for the show this week. We got to watch 3 episodes (including the pilot) and sadly I found it to be pretty mediocre. This first episode was probably the one I liked the most (the one shown tonight). What’s good is that each episode is very different. They’re not all horror or even drama.

    What’s bad is that after watching 3 episodes, it’s extremely easy to see the limitations of keeping the show in a single room. It’s way too stagnant and boring. It doesn’t necessarily have to be, but it is. In one episode for example, the only character to appear in the room has a telephone conversation with his mom for the entirety of the episode. You’re literally watching a dude talk on the phone for the whole half hour in the same room.

    With excellent, thought out writing, the show could be amazing, but it seems like they’re going for “this is a good enough idea” instead of something truly great.

  • I really liked it especially the final reveal. At first, I thought it was some odd comedy or dramedy about a neglected boy and his babysitter and then the last 5-10 minutes became a psychological horror show when the true reveal of Ralphie.

  • I really enjoyed it. Thought it was something fun, suspenseful and upsetting, and had just the right amount of nonsense for the twist ending.

  • I really enjoyed it up to the twist reveal. Felt very M Night Shyamalany.
    I’ll give it another go next week.

  • I’m so excited for this. Went away this weekend though so won’t be able to watch until Sunday.

  • Damn. I’m so used to everything being an hour. Good twist at the end

  • this is kinda creepy half way through

  • When it started getting good i looked at the runtime and it was 5 minutes till the end. The kid was somewhat annoying and unintentionally(i think?!) funny, but he became real creepy at the end.

  • What a great new series. Very excited for what is to come!

  • I enjoyed it. It was kinda fun… Made me think of how much I used to love Are You Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps, maybe the half hour and quick pace helped with that. Every episode taking place in the same plain hotel room might get tiresome after a couple seasons though.

  • Well that was something else!

    I loved the tension and the buildup, not so much the last few minutes, but all things considered its an interesting concept and I will keep watching

    I think its safe to assume she was crazy all along, I was getting a weird vibe as soon as she sat on the bed and started kinda twitching her eyes around, but that cant be all there is to it, the room itself has to play some sort of role

  • That was really good and the suspense built really well. I was tied to my screen

  • It was just okay, was expecting something better but I didnt care much about the whole babysitter/crazy kid situation, good thing about it is that next weeks episode will be totally different

  • On the beginning the father (Bradley or whatever) is seen with a “oh God” face ([picture](, this gives me the impression he knows something is (or gonna be) wrong. In the ending we see the door closing without anyone touching it. My guess is Ralphie really exists as aq supernatural entity (maybe part of Ralph) and fucked Meg’s mind (making her kill Ralph).

  • Anyone else notice that she was reading “Lost and Found”, a kid’s book about twin boys Ray and Jay who pretend to be one person? Nice nuance

  • Is this inspired by Inside number 9…?

  • Not really on topic, but why do people still refer to these formats as 30 minute shows when they are 20 minute shows? You’d think in the age of cordcutting people would adapt and evolve

  • That first episode was absolutely terrible. Completely cheesy garbage. I’ll give it another episode before I completely give up on it, but I can’t imagine things drastically improving.

    When I was a kid I loved Tales From the Crypt and this, so far, feels like a cheap spinoff. Then again, going back and watching Tales From the Crypt as an adult, most of the episodes just don’t hold up anymore.

  • Well that was stupid

  • I’m glad she killed Ralph/y though, what an annoying little shit.

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