Ron Swanson sums up what it means to be a real man

Ron Swanson sums up what it means to be a real man

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  • Don’t mix up Ron Swanson and Nick Offerman. Remember the Swanson pyramid of greatness: “Crying: acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon”. He would never openly admit crying in front of art.

    I love Ron but remember that he is a parody of “classic old school masculinity”. The real hero here is Nick.

  • I’m so glad to read popular celebrities talking out like this. I’d love to see a social movement where men aren’t expected to be stone cold, quick to fight, proud players.

    Why should a man not have as much right to turn down sex? Why should he be looked down on for crying over art? Why should we hold men to stereotypes instead of treating them like individual human beings?

    An example that quickly comes to mind, is: why does my coworker need to be made fun of because his girlfriend bought him flowers? She loved him and wanted to treat him tenderly. That’s beautiful, and he shouldn’t be criticized for enjoying someone showing him affection. Just as she shouldn’t be told she’s doing the ‘man’s job’ because she’s being sweet to her boyfriend.

    Rant… sorry.

  • Nick isn’t Ron though, he’s his own man.

  • I’ll never forget when I was about 10 years old and singing the “Macho Man” song. My dad asked me why I was singing it so much and I told him I wanted to be tough and strong. He told me that being manly isn’t about being macho, but about being a good person and always doing the right thing. Love you, dad

  • Knowing him as a person gives such a great context to the satire of his character in juxtaposition to those completely unlike him who identify with Ron.

  • If Nick Offerman and Terry Crews had a baby boy, they would be the epitome of what a man should be: kind, secure, emotional, open.

  • I just wish we would dispense with the ideas of “being a real woman” or “being a real man” altogether. Just do what fulfills you and aligns with your sense of morality and principle. Man or woman, doesn’t matter.

  • I love that he uses his ‘manly’ character to dispel notions about what it is to be a man. Keep it up, Nick!

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  • So glad to know he stands for his principals. His time in middle school must really have been something.

  • I’ve always been described as “sensitive” and I always hated it. I’m 42 and I’m finally starting to embrace my sensitivity and not being ashamed of it.

  • Read that all in his voice and now my inner monologue is Nick.

  • What sucks is that his TV character is not at all what he’s describing here, and they never have a character like that on TV. Frustrating.

  • Wish my old man had explained it this way. I’m 40yo and still get choked up hearing great music or seeing a great movie, and still feel like a little bitch cause a man doesn’t cry.

  • As a lifelong pacifist for reasons which are mine alone, and as a 6’1″ ~200lb dude I absolutely fucking hate the violence which is both required of me and imposed upon me in the blanket statement which is masculinity. It is the reason why I as a blue collar individual do my best to hang around white collar circles–even if sometimes the identity politics seen a little stifling there is still room for a poet in a lumberjack’s body.

  • I come from an average U.S. Southern family. This is basically me. It was hard growing up. As we grew older I was confused. Then one day I embraced myself. I cry whenever I am moved. A great movie, book, song, whatever. I always feel so good after too. I appreciate a good cry. I love my family. We may not be as close now but I am thankful for how it all turned out. Also being me ended up attracting a woman who was better than my dream woman. We married this year. I still drink bourbon but if I feel like wearing a purple Polo and happy crying over a sweet elderly couple still holding hands after all those years, welp, that’s just me being me.

  • My buddy and I went to the gorge amphitheatre for ABGT250. The second day we walked into the venue and my buddy said that we should go look over the gorge and cry. Lol, at first I thought,”OK, I will go take in the beauty of it all with you but I ain’t crying.” We both stood by the fence blocking us from the main venue used the night before, tears streaming down our faces. It was so beautiful and the memory of the beauty from the night before and the experience we shared was so powerful. Felt good.

  • Strong men also cry. Strong men also cry.

  • Principles*

  • My wife and I just saw Nick on his Full Bush tour last night in Atlanta. He had absolutely no shame in being an emotional being and really made me think about how men subdue their feelings.
    Nick also was scheduled to run from 7:30 to 9 and gave us an extra hour with an encore. I was proud of Atlanta for being cool for once 🙂

  • I saw Alicia Keys sing in DC during the Womens March, it was amazing. Ive never heard anything like it.

  • I married a man just over a week ago, and he’s the love of my life. I tell him regularly that he’s the manliest man I’ve ever met, because this is exactly the kind of man he is. I couldn’t be happier!

  • A judgement of character based on what you have between your legs is not helpful in the large majority of situations. People are individuals, and what you’re born with shouldn’t determine what you do in life. Do ballet. Do MMA. Go to Alicia Keys and cry because you loved it so much. Or chop trees for a living. Doing any of these doesn’t make you more or less of a man, or more or less of a woman. The idea that certain activities emphasise the fact that you have a penis rather than a vagina or vice versa is ridiculous. The labels do nothing but make people feel like less of a person based on their genitals because they happen to not like a certain activity which was arbitrarily associated with their genitals.

    So while I think it’s a great paragraph I think it could have been way better if he just tried to ditch the “Manly” label entirely rather than try to work with it. unnecessary sex distinctions have lead to many issues in our society and it’s time to do away with them.

  • I read all of that without reading the title and I was blown away when I found out it was Nick Offerman! I’ll never be worried about my manliness again.

  • Singing instrument is a really weird way to describe voice or mouth.

  • Real men don’t X. Real men Y. Give me a fucking break.

    Who gives a shit whether any particular activity is, or isn’t, “manly.” How about just being a fucking decent person? How about letting a man crochet a blanket in peace, without trying to look up whether crocheting is acceptable in the Book Of Allowed Masculine Activities For People With Ultra-fragile Egos.

  • I worked on Nick Offerman’s latest special- Summer of ’69 (No Apostrophe). He always made sure to thank everyone on set, from the top dogs to the PAs making minimum wage.

  • Shout out to /r/menslib for anyone wanting to talk about positive masculinity in an open and accepting environment.

    Seriously, they’re the shit. Go check them out.

  • Growing up I didn’t fit in to typical male stereotypes. I liked drawing over sports, opening up to friends instead of holding everything in, tear up if I was upset or overjoyed. And was ridiculed to no end by friends/family for not being man enough. I’m glad our society has progressed to where this is less of an issue and that people can be open about who they are and not worrying so much about being chastised for not fitting into their gender norms.

  • Ha there’s tears in my eyes from reading this. So awesome that the actor behind an iconic manliy man is open to expressing his full emotions.

  • In my opinion I see manliness not at holding back all the tears but knowing when it ok to let it out. Crying at old yeller, go for it, that’s some heart breaking stuff. However there are times when it’s key to be strong and hold it in so that others can let it out.

    My dad once showed me this when we lost our family dog. Everyone was heart broken about it because it was an accident and not expected, he held it together so that he could be our shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t cry, he just held his tears so that we could let them out. That’s being a man.

  • It’s great that he holds these views and tries to be a good role model and break traditional stereotypes. That being said I lost a little respect for him when I saw the clip of Corey Feldman on the view being chastised by Barbara Walters. Nick was sitting there in the middle of it all and didn’t speak up in Corey’s defense.

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