Rollover crash in Kansas

Rollover crash in Kansas

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  • I remember this – happened at Wichita International Raceway, early 2000s. [Video source]( The driver, Jerry Yeoman, survived.

  • whats the world record for most rolls ?

  • “Everybody remain calm”

  • Is that camera man behind some sort of glass or something? I would’ve hauled ass were I him…

  • ^^^everybody ^^^remain ^^^calm.

  • Thankgod for rollcages

  • “…on a drag strip”

    FTFY, no one cares it’s in Kansas

  • And that is why we have seatbelts….

    Id like to say he walked away from this pretty dizzy, but I honestly dont know the outcome, but hoping safety gear did its job…. According to a quick scroll, he survived…

  • Reminds me of that one scene in Cars

  • He was just swerving to mis that cone on the track!

  • He ded

  • Ah shit should I help him cross the finish line and not win the race, or should I cross myself and not let this annoying redneck beat me… ah hell maybe Dinoco will like me better if I help this guy

  • Does that mean he’s not coming on then?

  • Why no lights?

  • help me tom cruise use witchcraft on me to get the fire off me

  • That cameraman has adamantium balls

  • I would like to once be involved in a rollover accident just to see how it feels like.

    Obviously, not on the road in a flimsy car, but while racing track in a proper rollcage with a racing harness and hopefully at not too high of a speed.

    I’ve raced a few times, and well these thoughts disappear while you’re going at speed because you don’t want to crash, but it’s more that deal of “I want it to happen, but don’t want it to happen” at the same time if that makes sense.

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