Rio de Janeiro sanitation workers strike of 2014

Rio de Janeiro sanitation workers strike of 2014

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  • i bet that resulted in some serious shit

  • *”The Dark Knight Rises”*, (2012, dir. Christopher Nolan)

  • I wonder why some of them have wooden clothes pegs on their shirts

  • /r/ShittyHDR but pretty good composition. Do oil paints ever break down to look like this?

  • r/shittyHDR

  • All dark skin Brazilians. Latin American caste system is real

  • All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us

  • Leave it to Brazil to make a strike look festive

  • People lately are forgetting that titles are supposed to sound like painting names… now i have to click less to see where something happened, but i’m missing out on the experience of real modern Accidental Renaissance

  • All of the orange really adds to it.

  • *The Garbage Man can …*

  • they are pretty swole

  • The guy on the left: “God Damn it Luiz, we agreed no musical.”

  • Needs more HDR

  • Brazilian here.

    The picture was taken in 2014 when the “garis” (the government workers that clean our city) of Rio de Janeiro started a strike to fight for a 37% raise in their income and other benefits.

    Their strategic plan were very cleaver since they started the strike during the carnaval, when their work is very necessary and when the lack of garis in the street it’s indispensable because well, drunken people in the street tend to give a shit where they piss, where throw their garbage and stuff like that. Without the garis works the city becames dirty and disgusting.

    They were able to reach a agreement with the government during the carnaval to have a R$1.100 salary. That’s something around U$350,00. Yes, our politicians sucks. All of them.

  • Looks like a scene from Stomp…

  • I remember the female sanitation workers in Rome Italy. If they struck, I’d imagine the legislatures would try to give them anything. They were hot.

  • I always thought in North America we never protest well. This is a great example. THAT’s how you strike. Here we get excited hey who’e bringing the pallets to burn in the oil drum? Right on.

    I remember seeing university protests on TV in South Korea in (??) the 80s, The government used LAVs with what looked like rapid fire tear gas dispensers and they still protested.

    We suck.

  • You sure this isn’t STOMP Rio?

  • Wonder how long he has bin standing there

  • Accidental? That motherfucker knew exactly what he was doing

  • Thought this was the 2016 Broncos Super Bowl parade r/denverbroncos

  • Support from me!


  • “All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us,

    all I want to say is that they don’t really care about us,

    all I want to say is that they don’t really care about us….”

  • They look like a faction of a video game.

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  • And from the looks of Rio have never gone back to work.

  • How come like 90% of them look black? Brazil is so diverse that this seems strange.

  • /r/OSHA

  • They’ve been in strike since 1822

  • Sanatation 1982 vs. the chabawakis

  • Just wait until the sun hits diaper hill.

  • That looks quite like a portion of the San Francisco opera house in the background.

  • Everyone in the background looks kind of buff.

  • I want an orange hat now…

  • That a Vladimir Lenin moment right there

  • I want to make a Gurren Lagann reference here, but he’s not pointing his finger high enough.

  • Has any service not gone on strike down there?

  • We could rename this sub to World Press Photo.

  • is there any other high quality pictures about this?

  • The guy on the left is like “Not this shit again”

  • Sounds better than Brazilian garbage men quit

  • Pretty sure this is the opening scene to STOMP…

  • Half life 3 confirmed

    edit: just wanted to check this bot out.sorry to interrupt guys continue with the sanitation renissanse thingy

  • “You throw that in the recycling bin I’m standing on!”

  • **WHY** does he have clothes pins al his shirt?

  • Never thought I would be happy for the colors of our garbage cans in the US but here I am. Greens blues and browns are much less obnoxious than ernj.

  • The fact that the guy on the left is wearing a bucket hat and a collared shirt makes me think he is on a cricket team called Rio.

  • Do you hear the people sing?

  • He must be the one in charge. He has the most clothes pins.

  • When I saw this I immediately started singing “the garbage man can” from the Simpsons

  • “All I want to say is that

    They don’t really care about us!”

  • Get that man a pepsi

  • The amount of HDR makes me want to vomit.

  • Looks like a Tennessee football game

  • Sick music video

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