Rick and Morty season 3 trailer

Rick and Morty season 3 trailer

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  • I like how Morty turned the pickle with a screwdriver. Because you never know. You never know.

  • July 30th!!! At least we have a date

  • Mad Max: Morty Road

  • Welp at least we know why it’s taking so long, that production quality is amazing

  • I want to be a pickle

  • Fucking finally. Hope the second episode gets aired first instead of the one we got on April 1st

  • Who the fuck is Gene?! And why won’t he mind his own damn business?!

  • The hype music is courtesy of [Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISy0Hl0SBfg) originally released in 2009

  • Was that Summer from Cronenberg episode at 0:36?

  • Inb4 July 30th 2021

  • “Only a show this smart could be this stupid.”

    That really is an excellent tagline for R&M.

  • As Elon Musk said, people need hope, they need a reason to go on. Not just to wake up, solve problems, go to bed and repeat… there has to be something to hope for, to inspire… this might just be exactly what he was talking about.

  • Did not expect dizzy rascal

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if literally none of that was in actual season 3 episodes.

  • And I’m getting some Giantess action! Things are coming up Foxhoundtkd!

  • This just made my poop so much better

  • That whole



    gag sold me on the new season without a doubt in my mind

  • Sweater vest Morty might be the best Morty, the one true Morty!!


  • I’M SLIPPILY, SLIPPERY STAIR because i’m so fucking wet rn

  • Like I’m going to ruin R&M Season Three by watching that. This could be the last one for two years! Media Blackout!

  • Beth is totally going to fuck the neighbor guy while jerry is out killing himself or whatever

  • Comic con is now Rick and Morty con

  • This JULYuary, you’ll need to Michael down your Vincent’s

  • This is exciting. Plus they’re adding rick and morty items to rocket League on the 5th. So much R&M.

  • Let the countdown to season 4 begin.


  • Bonkers by dizzie Rascal?! Fuck ya. I’m so hyped

  • Fuck, read the description and thought it said June 30th. God dammit.

  • I want an entire episode dedicated to Ball Fondlers.

  • “He’s not a hot girl. He can’t just bail on his life and set up shop in someone else’s.”

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