r/Futurology Podcast Episode 21 – say welcome back to our revived podcast!

Here’s the [link to the podcast.](https://youtu.be/55rX2T3aU2A)

So, it’s been a while, but as so many people seemed to like it, we decided to renew and resurrect our podcast for regular monthly consumption.

The format we’ll follow from now on is a roughly 40 minute podcast, with the first 20 minutes devoted to an interview or two & the second half a round table panel discussion of our favorite futurology posts and links from the previous month.

This months interview is with our resident medical futurist u/mvea & we also talk surprises with self-driving cars, advances in CRISPR, “the machine”, climate change & asking is basic income mainstream now?

Tell us what you would like to hear the podcast talk about in the comments. If you can think of any interesting interviewees for future episodes – let us know in comments too.

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  • Thanks guys. Love your podcast. I look forward to listening to it.

  • All my podcasting apps can’t seem to find it?

  • Is the first guest a robot? He sounds like one of the transformers.
    Especially at the start. At 11 minutes it sounds a bit better.
    At 20 min it sounds worse again. I guess the human speech algorithm starts failing from time to time. Its still not convincing enough.

    The second guest is also a robot.

    Nice try guys. You are not fooling anyone.

  • I’d lap this up on iTunes, guys. Thanks xoxox

  • Shit comment but hell yes! Welcome back!

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