Review Brah’s Average Day 2017

Review Brah’s Average Day 2017

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  • I want an hour long loop of Reviewbrah cleaning/lounging by the pool listening to shortwave to put in the background at all times.

    Might never need to take anxiety meds again. So relaxing.

  • Yes I love these. Anyone know what situation he’s talking about and why he’s moved? I kind of wish I didn’t find this guy so interesting because I was to respect his privacy but at the same time I want to know everything going on in his life lol

  • Love this! And it sounds like he reviews a lot of his meals!

  • Last year’s vid he was waking up at noon, now it’s 10pm. I thought I was a night owl, but /u/TheReportOfTheWeek is on another level.

  • It’s out?


    Edit: Shut the fuck up bots! 🤖🔫

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