• How durable is this expected to be? I have a front entrance way that gets heavy traffic but I don’t plan on a complete re-flooring of it for about 5 years.

  • Can I ask a stupid question? Why does an epoxy based paint require a primer? Wouldn’t that shit stick to anything?

  • Nice cheap alternative to give a second life to an ugly floor, well done!

  • for some reason i thought the nasty was the black… i guess i know nothing about diy

  • The best thing I’ve read today —- My theory is that a drunk toddler laid this tile using a mixture of play sand and avocado.

  • Original floor didn’t look that bad honestly.

  • Next on DIY – bought this house demoed the tile floor and painted over these wacky striped walls.

  • I would have just regrouted the entire floor with white grout, I think I prefer the lighter color of the tiles.

  • I don’t know anything about construction at all, but I always go to the comments section of this sub to see how whatever someone has built is a danger that will kill everyone who comes in contact with it. Because the worst anyone is saying is that this will wear off in ~4 years, I can only assume this was a fantastically great job.

    It looks very nice.

  • what you filled the grout in with, was it literally just sanded grout out of a caulking tube or was it sanded grout caulk? if it’s the latter I would be concerned about shrinkage down the road. looks good tho!

  • Is this a reasonable alternative to re-tiling or is it really just a short term solution? My house is mostly a stone-like tile but the grout is chipping out (grout lines too big imo), there’s some chipping, and more than a few sound like they’ve popped). I think this could be a nice alternative to tearing out all the tile down the line, especially with the relatively short dry time.

  • No such thing as 1-part epoxy. Essentially, it’s just paint. If it’s not a high traffic area, I’ll give it 2 years before you need to reapply.

    It looks nice though, I like the color.

  • This is something I do for living. While epoxy is fine for bathroom floor, for heavily used spaces I would recommend polyaspartic top coat.

  • I was confused which was the before a d after pics, so you made White tile a dull black?

  • The old floor really didn’t look that bad. Talk about a first world complaint. Moreover, the finished product doesn’t look all that great, honestly. Am I missing something?

    Edit: Looked through the pics again. Yeah, I could’ve mistaken the non-closeup ‘before’ photos for pics of a newly remodeled bathroom. The closeups do reveal imperfection in the grout, but nothing criminal. Although I tried, I can’t manage to see the finished product as an improvement, I’m sorry. It’s gaudy and unpleasantly dark. Why the fuck are people losing their shit over this?

  • Def liked it before more.

  • Make sure you use a sealer.

  • I liked that old floor better….

  • > by the time I was done…it felt gritty like sandpaper. That is what you want.

    How is this DIYer so knowledgable??

    > I have been in the painting industry for 14 years.


  • > I hate seeing DIY blogs where some ladies edge everything in will a brush.

    Unnecessary to blame a rookie mistake on women only, dude; just as many guys suck at painting. Aside from that, the floor looks pretty cool.

  • 14 years in the “industry” and single component Behr was your go to…? Hmm oh well.

  • It looks nice, but it looks like it is a different color. to be honest, I didn’t see ‘nasty, awful tile’

  • All that work for just a few years’ durability? Not worth it.

  • It looked better before.

  • The white vent is bugging me.

  • cracking grout may mean that the subfloor is not stable.

    The next owner is gonna love going through all the epoxy and tile to reinstall the subfloor correctly this time!.

  • Im going to go ahead and be the guy to say that while this is fine for its intended purpose, everything has a “good/better/best” system. That primer and that topcoat arent all that tough, namely the primer. Better than nothing though.

  • .. next the wall

  • The behr 1 part stuff isn’t a true epoxy, that stuff will most likely start coming up when you drag anything heavy across it or just from regular foot traffic.

  • As a tile installer i’m amazed. As a business man i’m starting to worry.

  • A polish guy installed our bathroom tiles with liquid nail. It took 6 hours a blow torch and a shovel to remove 28 tiles.

  • Wait a month to clean it? I’ve been preparing for this my whole life.

  • Nasty, awful tile? I guess I have low standards because it didn’t look that bad to me.

  • I wish everyone wrote instructions like this. Entertaining and instructional.

  • it looked better before

  • Epoxy yellows over time, clear is the worst. More UV light or yellowing. In as little as two years you can see the difference.

    If it’s slab on grade and their is a big difference in temps from ground and air above (like an HVAC system)I, Iwould be a little worried about trapping moisture under the epoxy. If clear you may see salts collecting underneath. Trapped moisture brings up salts from the concrete and when the water goes away the salts recrystalize and expand causing delamination, not instantly but over time. If you went with a thin coat and/or had solvent in the epoxy you may be ok. If you added glass beads for none slip that would help too.

    Not saying you will have issues and not saying you did wrong but it is not uncommon to have epoxy coating moisture failures. When applying epoxies over slab on grade a lot of companies suggest doing moisture tests over several days to see how much moisture is traveling through the floor.

    I have been out of the epoxy coating business for over 10 years so maybe they solved these issues. Just something to think about.

  • Typically most people tape and edge with the brush because it’s better not to rely on the tape too much. If the trim isn’t taped off perfectly then mini-rolling right up against the tape can result in the paint bleeding through any gaps. After three coats of edging with the brush you most likely wouldn’t see brush marks, unless you were laying on the paint super thick.

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