Real men do it in one trip

Real men do it in one trip

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  • The cop stopped him to give a high five for being a true man!

  • Making NH proud. Henniker here to represent too!

  • Still cheaper than a moving truck?

  • Sir do you know why I pulled you over?

    No clue officer.

  • Time to declutter a life and begin living, again.

  • Further down, another Reddit Redditor posted same car, before it got pulled over. Just like the redditors taking pictures of each other across the sink hole.

  • What the problem is?

  • Deadhead sticker on the back

  • are they driving on a river?

  • With that much weight. His tires are about to blow out

  • Damnit. Now I’m filled with the desire to know what this type of person looks like.

    Please tell me someone has a picture of the 57 year old man who was driving this car.

  • That’s Jed Clampett and the crew come on down from Beverly Hills. I miss Granny, that cranky biatch

  • TIL I’m a real man.

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