Ravens remember people who suckered them into an unfair deal | Science

Ravens remember people who suckered them into an unfair deal | Science

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  • Do people make a lot of deals with ravens? Have I been missing out on something great?

    Seriously though, corvids (ravens, crows, jackdaws, etc…) are remarkably intelligent, capable of advanced problem solving, and even capable of speech. Quite remarkable. [here is an informative article](http://scienceblogs.com/grrlscientist/2007/04/09/just-how-smart-are-ravens/)

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  • What is a fair deal for a raven?

  • I had a magpie that liked swooping me on the way home as I walked past the park. To protect me from it I used to walk that stretch with my bag covering my head.

    Then one day he tried swooping me from the front, I caught him mid-air with a punch knocking him off his line. From that point on he never swooped me a gain but boy did he ever talk shit every time he saw me.

  • I really thought they’d forget quickly. Can’t sleep now.

  • So… smarter than nearly half of American voters?

  • Corvids get brought up here a lot and the rabbit hole you can go down is awesome. I want to befriend a raven in my life. They can remember faces. People trained them to retrieve things to put into a “vending machine” where they would receive food. They are awesome

  • So the next time you get pooped on…maybe it remembered you.

  • More evidence that birds are really people

  • Remember her name Kar!

  • It’s creepy how smart ravens are.

  • So I walked to a tree where 2 ravens were perching, making them fly away. Did I do something unfair? I dunno.

    They still keep themselves to the woods while hooded crows, jackdaws and Eurasian magpies are urban.

  • So there’s actual science to the raven in Valdisdal looking at my night elf with disdain. Who’da thunk it?

  • If you actually get on the friendly side of ravens and crows feel bring you gifts

  • What exactly do they “do” when this happens?

  • So… Smarter than humans?

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