Rate my setup

Rate my setup

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  • Plug a GameCube into it, then plug the game boy into the GameCube to use as a controller.

    Boom, you’re playing melee on your GBA.

  • For those curious, this is the GBA/GBA SP AV Adapter; an (obviously) third party cartridge for displaying any composite video to the GBA. A full rundown of the cart can be found [here](http://www.eagb.net/advance/hr42.html).

    Edit: There’s been a handful of people asking if you can still buy these; of the little research I’ve done, these things have been out of production for a very long time. Your best bet is to scour ebay and hope for the best.

  • That’s a solid setup. Now water cool it.

  • 1995/2017

  • The rare Mike Tyson edition

  • Is that the Mike Tyson gameboy Advanthed?

  • is this actually viable? besides the tiny screen, would it have the same input lag as a crt?

  • A skilled roy can beat any ~~fox~~ shiek

  • but has bethesda gotten skyrim on it?

  • Looks very clean. You did a good job cable managing it.

  • hold up — is this the SP that was used to [take a picture of the moon?](http://home.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~pietrow/astrogb.html)

  • that aint falco. 0/10

  • Needs more tribal tattoos 6/10

  • Solid 5/7

  • I have one of these, AMA.

    OP, you aren’t getting any sound out with that setup! the audio on this thing unfortunately doesn’t pass through to the GBA, only the video. The audio is passed to the included headphone jack on the unit, that’s why the jack is there.

    I rate 1/3 operational composite plugs.

  • /u/tinybattlestations

  • Melee players will play a set anywhere. You set this up in a gas station bathroom near a convention and youll end up with at least 10 people crowded around it by the end of the night.

  • Kinda disappointed it’s not playing Doom.


  • *Comment Removed*

    “To view this comment, you must upgrade your internet tiered package for just $20/month”

  • I didn’t know Mike Tyson had a GBA.

  • Tribal tattoos add +50HP and 24fps. Solid 7/10 good sir.

  • 7.8/10 – Not enough water

  • Where can I buy one?

  • You should hook up the Super Game Boy cart to a SNES and hook that up to your setup there. Playing a Game Boy game on a SNES on TV into a Game Boy SP.

  • Is this Mike Tyson’s Gameboy?

  • 10/10 would squint again

  • What is this, a setup for ants?

  • That’s a solid “why the hell would you do that” out of 10 I would say

  • r/shittybattlestations

  • 5/7

  • Serious battlestation bro, im jelly

  • But, does it play Skyrim?

  • Leaked images of the Switch 2

  • submit this to /r/battlestations

  • that’s pretty fuckin sick actually

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