Rate my setup, Reddit

Rate my setup, Reddit

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  • If you picked up 8 items and placed them either vertically straight or horizontally straight, it’ll look a lot better.

  • Omg the cords!

  • I give you a x811-20

  • I hope this is a joke. Otherwise, 1/10.

  • I cord-ially give you a 5. Only because I don’t have a game cube

  • I’m going with 10/10 because of the bongos. There was something magical about getting 100 percent on the mighty mighty bosstones song!

  • Im giving you a 100% because of pure chess.

  • I feel like this is one of those before pictures of a “what’s missing from this picture”

  • Need some cable management bro

  • Jesus fucking Christ I’m having such a fit with this abomination of a setup.. twitching.. send help..

  • All I can see are wires, jesus!

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