• “You look very exotic. Was your dad a GI?” – Michael Gary Scott

  • Calling Quincy Jones a music producer, while technically accurate, doesn’t seem to convey just how important he is to the music industry.

  • She has her father’s eyes and her mother’s smile.

  • HO-LEE SHIT! Norma Jennings is Rashida Jones’ mom!!!?

  • 1. Be born to attractive parents?
    2. Don’t be born to unattractive parents?

  • Peggy, Rashida and Kadida are all so gorgeous.

  • Hmm TIL rashida jones was quincy’s daughter. Her intellectual wittiness is attractive. Oh, and being attractive helps.

  • How I know I’m old…. I’ve never heard of Rashida Jones, but I certainly know who her parents are.

  • TIL – Not only that Rashida Jones was Quincy Jones’s daughter, but Rashida’s older sister, Kadida, was Tupac’s fiance right before he died.


  • I’ve been binge watching Twin Peaks, it’s amazing how much Rashida looks like her mom!

  • No wonder she’s a Baberaham Lincoln!

  • I assume that Quincy’s upped his ‘stache maintenance game since ’77.

  • Pac’s almost father-in-law 🙁

  • Wow. That is interesting.

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