#ProudToBe | More YouTube Propaganda Rekt

#ProudToBe | More YouTube Propaganda Rekt

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  • How is this tumbler at rest? This is just some fucking neckbeard who looked up fat guys into bdsm to make a video about gays and how there’s no discrimination against gay people, I thought this sub meant people on actual tumbler being level headed and critically think about social issues not just some ass on YouTube

  • I watched a bit and agree with what seems to be the main point; that Pride serves little purpose in modern western nations other than being a fun parade, and that a lot of the overtly sexual stuff is really inappropriate out in public. But the way this guy phrases things is very ridiculing, mean spirited and seemingly seething with disgust. I think the point could have been made in a much better way.

  • Long ago in times of yor, posts here would be about how mob justice because an artist drew fan art with a wrongthink skin tone was bad, or delightful debunkings of crazy claims.
    Now there’s a literal “fucking degenerates” post and another reason why I don’t go on the TIA so often.

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