Priyanka Chopra Developing Bollywood Star Series at ABC

Priyanka Chopra Developing Bollywood Star Series at ABC

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  • I’d be very interested in that premise but it is on network TV. Some comedies have been able to have personality on network TV, true. But most shows on network TV are highly processed. They go through committee and screen tests and become as watered down, generic and safe as can be. That bums me out. I’ll have to wait and see for what the trailer looks like. But this is likely a ways out from that point anyways.

  • I’m really excited to see more Indian actors/actresses on both the big and small screen. But one of the problems I have with Bollywood is the level of nepotism there is (on a whole different level compared to Hollywood) and this translates to very medicore acting.

    Since this is on an American network I hope that executives will push Chopra to hire people based on acting skill as opposed name/popularity. It is extremely impossible for people to make in Bollywood without connections and this could be a great opportunity to show Bollywood the importance of meritocracy.

  • She’s never written/directed anything before, so this could be a surprise hit or a generic failure.

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