Poutine doughnut on Tim Hortons’ Canada Day menu — for American customers only

Poutine doughnut on Tim Hortons’ Canada Day menu — for American customers only

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  • I’m ok with this not being a thing in Canada, it is an affront to both poutine and donuts

  • Nanaimo bar donut sounds like the best one anyways

  • As a canadian, I don’t want it. It’s an insult to every self-respecting poutine out there.

    I will however give it props for using actual poutine cheese.

  • I’m surprised it doesn’t have maple syrup. Regardless, that’s pretty fucking disgusting.

  • Fucking eww

  • This is cultural appropriation

  • Idk what you guys are smoking but I’ve been smoking weed and I’d eat that

  • May that be used as a flesh light

  • This would never be allowed to exist in Canada.

  • TIL Tim Hortons is owned by a Brazilian company.

    So disappointed.

  • >”Only a Canadian would find that trash appetizing,” commented another person.

    Great, Americans actually think we want to eat that garbage.

    What Tim’s is offering us in our own country does look good at least.

  • As a Quebec born person… this is just insulting.

  • Tim Horton’s tastes like prefab donuts. Just like Dublin Donuts taste now. I’m not going to knock someone else’s mouth buds, however I can’t stand any of it. Just crap.

    Edit: uhhh not sure if Dublin Donuts exists, but I meant Dublin. Crap, autocorrect again. My iPhone hates Dunkin Donuts.

  • So, in Brazil they think that Americans think that Canadians eat poutine doughnuts?
    My head hurts.

  • Sacrilege!

  • Nice time for a reminder that Tim Hortons is owned by Burger King.

  • I’m glad it’s not in Canada. It looks disgusting!

  • good cause that looks fucking gross

  • Tim Hortons is already offensively bad tasting so what’s the difference really.

  • This is war.

    McDonalds needs to respond with equally foul concoction.

    *I can hear you sharpening your skates, Canadians. I’M ON TO YOU.*

  • Eww. As a poutine connoiseur, I can’t imagine this not tasting like shit.

  • Why would i want gravy and cheese on a donut?

  • didn’t know they had Tim Horton in the states

  • Dear Canada,

    We are going to toss this on the pile of shit right next to Justin Beiber.

  • As an American dating a Canadian (detroit/windsor) this is an insult to poutine, one of my new favorite foods.

  • Based on the title I gathered that they were gonna serve these at all Tim Hortons’ but only Americans can order it haha

  • That’s fucking gross holy shi-

    -americans deep fry butter and eat it off a stick-

    You know what? Maybe Timmies America is onto something.

  • /r/shittyfoodporn

  • Tims Donuts + American poutine = recipe for disaster if I’ve ever heard one.

    And to the Americans – good luck with this 😉

  • Paging poutine connoisseur /u/michaelalfox

  • As an American that’s never had poutine but is dying to try it, this strange abomination makes me sad.

  • Isn’t poutine cheese curds and gravy? Why would anyone want that on a doughnut?

  • The US Apple Fritter is a lot better than the Canadian version. Even a “Canadian” company is screwing Canadians.



  • Good thing no self respecting Canadian would wanna eat that. Tim Horton’s hasn’t been “good” for years, it’s only “just ok” now

  • Poutine is not canadian… It’s québécois!

  • That nanaimo doughnut is the worst ever.

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