Poster for James Franco’s newest movie ‘The Vault’

Poster for James Franco’s newest movie ‘The Vault’

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  • This looks like the cover of a movie that went straight to DVD in 2006

  • Someone’s first day with photoshop .

  • That looks awful

  • No one is safe

  • What an awful poster.

  • this reeks of straight to DVD

  • Replace him with another actor and I would have guessed it was a some random passion project.

  • “Can’t wait for this movie!”

    – No one

  • Butch Tina Fey on the left.

  • Wtf

  • Flames + James Franco = glorified cameo I’m guessing.

    EDIT: Spelling.

  • I really can’t stand James Franco as an actor.

  • Flames Franco

  • Have we really come to expect anything different? I mean we only get a handful of actually good posters/cover art anymore, and even the ones we do get wind up being an alternate or not used for release.

  • Haha I wonder if Franco knows he’s only in D grade movies

  • They added the photoshop explosion but forgot to add a background…

  • I have been consistently disappointed by Franco’s directorial work, as it’s usually grasping for depth and falling incredibly flat, but if he’s just going for straight-up bonkers fun, then I might give it a shot.

  • I fucking hate James Franco and think his brother’s the better actor. More entertaining to watch at least.

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