Poor Remy.

Poor Remy.

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  • It’s okay, he’s getting a ride at EPCOT (fingers crossed).

  • In my opinion it’s the most underrated Pixar or Disney movie of the past 20 years. Really captures the romanticism and architecture of Paris, and the score is amazing. The whole cafe music feel is very well done.

  • Favorite Pixar movie.

    The score and Ian Holm’s performance stand out as exceptional.

  • Happy Birthday Remy! 😀

  • I feel like such a bad friend….

  • Holy shit, that movie is ten years old? Still my favorite Pixar movie, followed by Up and Inside Out.

  • It’s Hercules’ 20th this year and I really haven’t seen much besides the two pins.

  • Best Pixar movie ever. Love him so much

  • I can’t believe this show is already that old. I’m old.

  • Big <3 to Patton Oswalt. One of the best comedians ever.

  • After seeing this post, I rented the movie and forgot how fantastic it is. Especially with some red wine. Salut!

  • Aw, my husband and I saw it at the drive in theater. And yes, we actually watched it.

  • Favorite Pixar movie by a long way. Gonna watch it tomorrow.

    Take THAT, sad Remy.

  • At least it’s not like California Adventure where they celebrate your ‘re-opening’ more than your actual anniversary.

  • I named my dog Remy!

  • 10 people is ok?

  • One of mine and my dad’s favorite. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it made us laugh and it was adorable.

  • Happy anniversary Remy!!!!

  • Happy 10th Remy!!! Love you

  • Ratatouille is actually my favorite Pixar movie lol. It’s just such a lovely, romantic film, and I love the overarching message of “Anyone can cook”. Plus, Le Festin? Incredible.

  • Ratatouille is fuckin awesome but was probably too mature to be a popular kids movie.

  • https://theringer.com/movies-of-2007-ratatouille-pixar-brad-bird-jan-pinkava-768f60f4313d The Ringer had an article about Ratatouille for its anniversary

  • This is my favorite Disney movie

  • I was hoping more for the porn actress but what can you do

  • Fuck ratatouille

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